OT - 30 Rock Top 10 (+1)

So, because 30 Rock is one of the few long-running shows that I've seen every episode of (I think only LOST and maybe ST: Voyager are the others). Now, disclaimer, these are my opinions you are free to disagree with them as you like. I tried to include at least one episode from each of the show's seven seasons, but I guess I failed to include one from S3. Whoops! One S3 episode was on there at one point, then I had to exchange it for my S1 episode... Oh well.

Anyway, I will progress with the countdown starting at 10+1.

10 +1. Everything Sunny All The Time Always (5x21)

This was the first episode of 30 Rock I ever saw, mostly because after the Office, I saw a promo that was like "with special guest star Secretary Condoleeza Rice." It caught my attention. I thought it'd have to be pretty strange to pull a Secretary into a weird comedy show. So, I watched it, and while I didn't get all the jokes and plotlines (that Condy had once been Jack's 'girlfriend'), it was entertaining watching Liz try to go after that plastic bag.

10. Reaganing (5x05)

In my opinion, the fifth season is by far the best. About Season 3, I think the show started hitting its stride; S4 was solid. Season 6 was good, but was weighed down with Hazel Wassername drama, and I didn't like her character. And S7, as great as it was, felt like lots of fan service. All that being said, S5 was great! We had Elizabeth Banks guest starring as Jack's girlfriend/fiance/wife Avery Jessup, plus Matt Damon guest starring as Carol Burnett. I think S5 was the best. This particular episode introduced a great concept in Jack's "Reaganing," and I love the B-plot with the "Frajer" cake scam.

9. Rosemary's Baby (2x04)

With Liz Lemon (and Tina Fey) being such a Star Wars fan/nerd, this episode with Carrie Fisher and that epic (!!) line was fantastic. Looking back on the series as a whole, this could've been the route that Liz would've gone down without Jack and her 30 Rock support system. I'm glad she didn't, but it was great to see Fisher and Fey working together as "women in a man's world."

8. Corporate Crush (1x19)

I had to throw in at least one from S1, and what better than to add an episode with KU fan Jason Sudekis as Liz Lemon's boyfriend Floyd? It was interesting to see Jack acting as Liz and Floyd's third wheel, considering that Liz often becomes Jack's third wheel (AKA "The Blocker") later in the series. Plus, I like the B-storyline with Jack and his girlfriend Phoebe.

7. Mrs. Donaghey (5x11)

I think the best episodes are when Jack and Liz are putting their weird mentor-mentee friendship on full display. This is one of those episodes. I know several people in the Internet world wanted Jack and Liz to be together romantically as the show's endgame. And while I like them together platonically, I think this episode just goes to show you that it would've never worked, even if the writers had wanted it to. Plus, while I like their banter and one-upsmanship, ultimately the episode said something about their friendship -- and friendships in general -- that it's better to maintain the relationships that make us better people.

6. The Problem Solvers (4x05)

Another fun Liz and Jack being at odds with each other, but also Jenna and Tracy's B-plot is quite amusing. As much as the show tends to be about the Liz-Jack relationship, we often forget about other important ones in the wings like Jenna-Tracy and Liz-Jenna, which I think S7 did a great job exploring and emphasizing. But, anyway, I liked the "Dealbreakers" storyline, and I think it was over too quickly. Plus, it introduced Danny, who was also gone too quickly, I think.

5. Game Over (7x09)

Another ongoing storyline/friendship/rivalry that the show touched on in its last season was Jack and Devon's rivalry to be NBC/GE/Cabletown's top dog. This gave the rivalry between Jack and Devon and Jack and Kaylie a nice send-off, and I loved seeing Tracy become Liz Lemon.

4. Mazel Tov, Dummies! (7x07)

Liz Lemon finally gets married?!?! What, say it ain't so! No, but it was a great service to the characters and the fans to see Liz get her "happy ending" with none other than Criss Chros (James Marsden, who is a HUNK! How does Liz keep dating all these really cute guys? Even Dennis was weirdly attractive, although a complete douchebag.)

3. Anna Howard Shaw Day (4x13)

A great story about our culture's emphasis on Valentine's Day, and how nobody likes to be alone... especially when they need to be picked up from the dentist! Those "Liz after dentist" scenes are probably some of best I've seen in any TV show. Moving and hilarious at the same time!

2. I Do Do (4x22)

There is a Grey's Anatomy parody! What more do you want?! Also, Liz is going to marry Yafet, and they're going to live in Nineveh, and she's going to be a prostitute. (Also, Carol and Wesley in one episode?! Nancy and Avery?! And Somali pirates at a wedding? There's something for everybody, right?)

1. Leap Day (6x9)

This episode is my favorite and I think of -- if not the -- best, because it introduced a great concept of Leap Day as this big annual holiday that was introduced to us along with Liz. It has its own traditions and color schemes, movie marathons and mythical figures associated with it. While it only comes around once every four years, it was pretty memorable to celebrate with a 30 Rock episode. Plus, it had some really funny storylines. If nothing else, it gets the top spot for Tracy's and Dot-Com's exchange at the Benihana.

Tracy: People are always telling me not to get paid in gift cards. Angie, my lawyer, my imaginary friend Dot-Com.

Dot-Com: Tray, I'm real! I moved your furniture.

Tracy: ...I remember one Leap Day the Harlem River froze. And I decided to cross it. Carrying my brick collection.

Dot-Com: I told him not to.

Tracy: No one can hear you Dot-Com! ... So, I fell through the ice. They still don't know who pulled me out.

Dot-Com: I did! Charlie Rangel gave me a medal!

Tracy: I like to think it was Leap Day Williams...

So, yeah, that's the list. It was really hard to put together, because there are SOOO many good episodes. Here are a few Honorable Mentions that could've been on the list as well:

Season 1: Jack Meets Dennis, The Source Awards, Black Tie

Season 2: MILF Island, Ludachristmas, Sandwich Day

Season 3: Mamma Mia, Gavin Volure, St. Valentine's Day

Season 4: Secret Santa

Season 5: Fabian Strategy, Gentleman's Intermission, Christmas Attack Zone

Season 6: The Tuxedo Begins, Queen of Jordan 2, Kidnapped By Danger

Season 7: My Whole Life Is Thunder, Hogcock/Last Lunch

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