First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the voting process. I apologize for being so persistent and/or annoying about it, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew and had a chance to vote. We received 22 ballot submissions in total, so I thank all 22 of you who participated.

A few technical disclaimers before we get to the results:

First: I did not vote. Acting as poll moderator, and seeing the voting results, I felt it would be dishonest to vote after seeing who was winning each category and so forth. I worked as an objective collector of votes -- except in ties. Which leads me to my second point...

Second: For categories that had ties or no clear winners, the results were passed along to a special selection committee -- which consists of PenHawk, notkapowski, 2.1 seconds left, KU Grad 08, and fizzle406. These individuals were selected because they volunteered. If committee members were involved in the tie, they were excused from voting and discussing said category.

Third: The final category -- Best All-Around RCT Commenter was a tie. The SSC and I agreed that we should have a run-off poll between the two candidates who had the most votes. So, please see the bottom to vote (again!)

And now we may proceed to the results.... The envelopes please......



**even more dramatic drumroll as 6th fumbles with the envelope**


Most Optimistic -- 2.1 seconds left

Most Pessimistic -- Rivethead

Most Active -- KU Grad 08

Most Creative -- sax solo

Most Badass -- KU Grad 08

Nerdiest -- Jayhawks4Eva

Snarkiest -- Warden11

Nicest -- the6thJayhawk

Funniest -- KU Grad 08

Wisest -- Warden11

Biggest Smartass -- notkapowski

Biggest Hipster -- 2.1 seconds left*

Biggest Kansas Fan -- KU Grad 08

Most Likely To Use Graphs -- sax solo

Most Likely To Reference Advanced Stats -- notkapowski

Most Likely To Be Drinking The Kool-Aid -- KU Grad 08*

Most Likely To Be Attractive -- the6thJayhawk

Most Likely To Be Really Cool In Person -- KU Grad 08

Most Likely To Be The Best Athlete On RCT -- SweedishHamma*

Most Likely To Be Rich & Famous -- Owen**


Best Admin -- Warden11

Best Use of Graphs -- sax solo

Best Commenter Profile Picture -- fizzle406**

Best Tagline/Signature -- Warden11

Best Rec-Fisher -- KU Grad 08

Coolest Username -- 2.1 seconds left

Commenter I Would Most Like To Be Bros With -- KU Grad 08

Best All-Around Commenter -- tie... please vote in the poll below!

* - chosen by SSC based on a tie between two candidates

** - chosen by SSC based on a tie among multiple candidates

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