The After Effect: Taking the loss all in

Connor Frankamp's game-tying 3 pointer clanged off the rim. Knocking out the Kansas Jayhawks in the Round of 32 in St.Louis. Bringing an overwhelming sense of un-fullfillment to conclude the season to a standstill.

After the buzzer sounded, Tarik Black was being helped off the floor by gathering teammates. Emotions ran through his face. His 18 point performance was ill-forgotten in some sense of him fouling out. But was drastically impacted, by giving Kansas a shot at the comeback.

Once in the locker room, Naadir Tharpe had a white gameday towel draped over his head. Hands buried underneath his face, couldn't stop the Junior point guard from unraveling the tears and adrenaline drained from his overall average season. Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden both highly touted freshman guards were left shocked with agony and confusion. Both had bad performances all across the court today. Not one Jayhawk was able to sift through Stanford's tantalizing 1-3-1 zone throughout the course of the game.

Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor almost every player couldn't seem to finish lay ups the entire game. In retrospect, the continuous missed lay ups might have broughten a different end result.

The change in pressure defense sped Stanford's guards in the 2nd half to give Kansas a great chance to open the game up and run away with the lead. Yet in reality, Kansas became their own worst enemy. Missing shots we all they would make were off line today. Just like every tournament rush, when offenses try to search for other options to score. The rim gets tighter, the game speeds up.

Connor Frankamp was placed in a role he was never made for all season. And adapted to it on the fly. Much more efficiently than Tharpe has ever done all year. Naadir was challenged, pushed to his limits, and counted out by most of us and wasn't able to come through in the dying moments all season.

Kansas found itself for a change defensively when it mattered. But didn't get altered by the main reason. KU had no consistency from another starter on the floor. Wayne Selden, Frank Mason, even Andrew Wiggins were no where to be found in the critical stretches of this season, regularly.

Ending this year with a slender of enthusiasm and a wide spread feeling of disappointment, coming up short in season's end. We have lastly seen the last time Andrew Wiggins will down the Kansas uniform. His wide smile and thoughtful character is the lasting impact that is left on by his emphatic career. Playful spin moves piercing through the lane, culminated by crowd pleasing ovations after witnessing a rim crushing dunk. Will and should be images left upon this season.

Tarik Black had no business thinking about coming to a school he would just play basketball and nothing else for a full year. Turning out to become his epicenter of his career. Joel Embiid dazzled us all with his athleticism and deliberance about himself.

All of us wish we can make every season last. Make it stretch out for 1 more weekend. That is the ugly side of March's delight. It will take your imagination from you in one game, while killing your dreams after. 2013-14 season had its highs and lows. Resulted in a 10th Straight Big 12 Title. Yet, we are left. Wanting more.

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