The RockChalkTalkie Award Winners!

Hello all! So after a week of Big 12 basketball in the Big 12 tournament -- congrats to Iowa State for beating us and winning the TOURNAMENT title... not the conference championship, but whatever... and after a week of me nagging at everyone to vote, vote, vote, vote, vote... we finally have our winners for the First RockChalkTalkie Awards!!

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, but better late than never.

Note: there were a few tie-breakers, which I decided based on whom I would have voted for if I had submitted a ballot.

Props to the fifteen RCT peeps who cast ballots. You know who you are -- give yourself a round of applause for your participation! And now... the final results...


  • Most Consistent: ANDREW WIGGINS
  • Most Underestimated: JAMARI TRAYLOR
  • Best Hustle-Guy: WAYNE SELDEN, JR.
  • Best "Glue-Guy": TARIK BLACK
  • Best Newcomer: ANDREW WIGGINS
  • Player Most Likely To Make Me Say "WTF?!": NAADIR THARPE
  • Player Most Likely To Make Me Say "DAMMMN!": ANDREW WIGGINS
  • Player I Would Most Like To Be Bros With: TARIK BLACK
  • Departing Player I Will Miss The Most: JOEL EMBIID
  • Biggest All-Around Impact Player: JOEL EMBIID

And now, for the Big 12 Awards -- for both players and coaches...


  • Big 12 Most Respected Player: MELVIN EJIM
  • Big 12 Most Overrated Player: MARCUS SMART
  • Big 12 Player Most Likely To Get A Hot Hand: PHIL FORTE
  • Big 12 Player I Wish Had Played For Kansas: JUWAN STATEN
  • Big 12 Biggest All-Around Impact Player: ANDREW WIGGINS*
  • Big 12 Coach of the Year: BILL SELF
  • Big 12 Coach Who Did The Most With The Least: TUBBY SMITH
  • Big 12 Coach Who Did The Least With The Most: TRAVIS FORD

Once again, thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners. Do you agree with the final tallies? Do you think anyone was robbed of their proper title? What award categories would you like to see included on the ballot next year? Should we do another RockChalkTalkie Awards at the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament? Discuss in the comment section below!

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