RCT College Basketball Top 25 Week 5 - 1/6/14

Our weekly attempt to make sense of the College Basketball heirarchy.

Big movement this week. Kansas dropped 5 spots didn't even come close to the biggest drop. Two of the three teams that fell out of the poll fell so far that they didn't receive a single vote in this week's poll.

Future editions of the poll will come out Tuesday morning, but will still reflects votes taken on Monday.

Rank Team Points LW Change
1 Arizona(3) 146 2 1
2 Syracuse(2) 145 1 -1
3 Wisconsin(1) 139 3 0
4 Ohio State 128 4 0
5 Michigan State 126 6 1
6 Villanova 111 7 1
7 Iowa State 106 9 2
8 Baylor 102 8 0
9 Wichita State 98 12 3
10 Florida 87 10 0
11 Oklahoma State 86 5 -6
12 Colorado 75 15 3
13 San Diego State 73 21 8
14 Oregon 68 11 -3
15 Louisville 67 19 4
16 Kentucky 64 15 -1
17 Iowa 40 24 7
18 Kansas 39 13 -5
19 Massachusetts 34 22 3
20 Duke 33 14 -6
21 Memphis 25 17 -4
22 Pittsburgh 24 23 1
23 Creighton 23 NR 4
24 Missouri 22 NR 5
25 Cincinnati 20 NR 8

Others Receiving Votes: Gonzaga 18, Harvard 18, Illinois 10, North Carolina 7, Kansas State 6, Saint Louis 6, Oklahoma 2, George Washington 1, UCLA 1
New this week: Creighton, Missouri, Cincinnati
Dropping out: Connecticut(18) , North Carolina(20) , Florida State(25)
Biggest Movers:
San Diego State +8, Cincinnati +8, Iowa +7
Connecticut -17, Florida State -10, North Carolina -9

And here are the actual ballots. It looks like a few voters might have some explaining to do...

Rank misterbrain Byronkewel kcgregory PenHawk mikeville sax solo
1 Wisconsin Syracuse Arizona Arizona Syracuse Arizona
2 Syracuse Arizona Syracuse Syracuse Arizona Wisconsin
3 Arizona Ohio State Wisconsin Michigan State Wisconsin Syracuse
4 Villanova Wisconsin Ohio State Wisconsin Ohio State Ohio State
5 Baylor Michigan State Michigan State Ohio State Michigan State Michigan State
6 Wichita State Wichita State Villanova Villanova Baylor Villanova
7 Michigan State Louisville Baylor Florida Iowa State Iowa State
8 Ohio State Baylor Colorado Iowa State Wichita State Wichita State
9 Iowa State Iowa State Florida Oklahoma State San Diego State Oregon
10 Colorado Villanova Iowa State Colorado Florida Kansas
11 Oklahoma State Florida Kentucky Kentucky Duke Oklahoma State
12 Florida Oklahoma State Wichita State Baylor Colorado Iowa
13 San Diego State Oregon Oklahoma State Oregon Villanova Creighton
14 Kentucky Duke San Diego State San Diego State Oklahoma State Pittsburgh
15 Memphis Kentucky Louisville Louisville Louisville Cincinnati
16 Louisville San Diego State Oregon Creighton Missouri Baylor
17 Massachusetts Colorado Iowa Pittsburgh Oregon San Diego State
18 Gonzaga Kansas Kansas Wichita State Kentucky Massachusetts
19 Iowa Memphis North Carolina Iowa Memphis Harvard
20 Oregon Gonzaga Duke Harvard Massachusetts Florida
21 Harvard Illinois Illinois Massachusetts Kansas State Louisville
22 Kansas Massachusetts Missouri Missouri Cincinnati Gonzaga
23 Missouri Iowa Saint Louis Kansas Pittsburgh Kentucky
24 Saint Louis Cincinnati Massachusetts Cincinnati Oklahoma Colorado
25 Cincinnati Missouri UCLA Kansas State George Washington Saint Louis

So where did we go wrong? Feel free to rip us apart below.

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