Kansas-Rice Football Tickets Primer


(Here's a picture I took at the last KU game I saw in a stadium. Yeah, it's been a while.)

I've never been to a game at Rice Stadium before but here's as many links as I could pull together for folks wanting to catch the game here in Houston next weekend. It's not a highly sought after ticket so you shouldn't have any problems getting what you want.

The Stadium

I don't want to run afoul of the Ticketmaster behemoth. It's probably a bad idea to piss off one of the four worst companies in America. So rather than embed their image, I just linked to the page for the seat map. The visitors are on the east side of the stadium and the official Kansas seating sections are 110 and 111. These are basically goal line to 20 yard line on the east side.

Thing to consider: it's an evening game so there will probably be sun in the face of those sitting on the east side of the stadium for at least part of the game. That's annoying.

Kansas Tickets

Of course you want to support your Kansas Jayhawks (shamelessly added for the Auto Tag). I've heard that some folks on the Houston Jayhawk Facebook group have had luck with KU Go to Tickets -> Football -> Buy Tickets and then select the Rice game. Tickets appear to be $20 on there and looks like there are no fees. There is no seat choice- looks like a "best of" algorithm- and currently it's offering tickets to mid single digit rows in 111. Not too shabby.

The Enemy: Rice University

Personally, I called Rice's ticket office at 713.522.OWLS (6957) and got to talk to a nice guy who did some extra legwork and hooked me up with seats in section 113 (aka 50 yard line on the Kansas side). Kudos to him: Very friendly, very cool!

Rice University: Online
Click on the banner "Click Here to Purchase Rice Tickets" and then go find the "Rice vs Kansas" game.

I'm not sure if signing up for a Rice Owls account does anything. Earlier, you couldn't get any tickets without it but it looks like you can now. Plus, they have populated the seat map which wasn't before. There appear to be quite a few seats left in 112 on the Kansas side or row 1 in 106 if you like the Rice side.

Fees via Ticketmaster: $4 per ticket + $1 delivery (or $0 will call); Total Cost: $24 per seat
Fees via phone: $5; Total Cost: $25 per seat

The Secondary Market: StubHub/CraigsList Houston

There's always StubHub. Only about 20 tickets available and all for over $100. They were good to me for the NCAA Tourney game in Arlington last year but kindof silly for this. Move along.

Uh, never mind. Exactly 0 tickets from owners. Not the hottest ticket in town. Tho, true to Craigslist form, if you don't limit it to "by owners", you can get a lot of keyword spammers.

Houston Alumni Tailgate

For the 6:30 game, the Houston chapter of the alumni association is doing a 3-6pm tailgate.

From the site: "The cost to attend is $10 for members, $15 for non-members and free for children under five and includes a barbecue lunch and non-alcoholic beverages. A cash bar will be available.

The tailgate will be located in the northeast corner of the football stadium next to the practice fields and free parking will be available around the stadium."

Houston Jayhawks Facebook

It's a closed group, IIRC. Over 400 members. I haven't been to an event yet- the tailgate will be my first. Seems like a good spot to network with local alumni as they will get 100+ for some events.


So there are your seating options. I'd take a look at what you can get through Rice's Ticketmaster site and what KU Athletics is dishing out and pick the better seat with a preference towards the KU ones so you're in the Kansas section. Don't forget about the Alumni Tailgate before the game!

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