Kansas vs LaTech: The View From Section 13

Jamie Squire

I'll take it.

I'm sure this was a terrible game to watch on TV. It wasn't much better from the stadium. It was a beautiful day. Sunny and 70. Felt like 85 or 90 in the stands, though, as there wasn't much breeze. My folks and brother's family all came up from Wichita, as such, we were in the "Family Zone". It was... interesting, trying to watch a football game with four kids under 8. Especially with the sun beating down the way it was.

Anyway, I digress. I did get to watch most of the game. The only drive I missed was at the end of the second quarter, when LaTech drove down and missed a field goal. I didn't sit there and take notes or anything, so all I'll give my overall impressions.

Offense - obviously, in a word, terrible. I only recall two drops, however (Mundine and Pierson). The Mundine drop was probably actually a good thing, as it stopped the clock with 15 seconds left in the game and allowed us to attempt another play.

Overall, the offense showed ZERO signs of life to me. This is a team that we should have put 40 on if we want to be taken seriously in the Big 12. We ran the ball 33 times. We passed the ball 46 times. I'm sorry, but (in my humble opinion) that is absolutely unacceptable. It should be the other way around in terms of run/pass ratio. In fact, I plan on putting my resumé together and emailing it to the athletic department. I have absolutely zero coaching experience, but after what I've seen the first three games, I'm pretty sure I'm can do a better job coordinating the offense. Sure, Weis is technically more qualified than I am. But come on. This offense is... offensive. Embarrassing. I can't stand it.) Maybe they could at least hire me as a consultant. My NCAA '14 record speaks for itself. If I can lead Eastern Michigan to the Sugar Bowl, then I can help out any coaching staff!

Defense - Never gave up. Even when they were getting gashed by the LaTech backs on the sprint draw/read plays. Even on the QB keeper that turned into a touchback. Even when LaTech seemingly has a game-clinching first down. Continuous pressure was on LaTech all day (including three sacks, I believe). They were always around the ball. For the most part, contained the big play. Kudos to the defense. But... I'm still worried about conference play. I just have a feeling that outside of WVU and ISU, most teams are gonna put up 40 on us. And from what I've seen, our offense won't be able to keep up.

Special Teams - Both punters were great. Field goal kicking left some to be desired, but, our guy hit when it really mattered. A pat on the back to Wyman. Nice kick, kid. Attendance - People actually turned out for the game... halfway thru the first quarter, it looked like most of the stands were full, except for the top SE part of the stadium. I have not seen an official attendance count yet. However, the crowd thinned out noticeably at halftime. Can't say I blame them. And, it kept thinning out throughout the fourth quarter. Again... the way we were playing, can't say I blame them.

Final thoughts: Good thing we get to enjoy this one for two weeks. I have a feeling conference play is going to be very, very rough. The way it looks right now, the only two teams we even have a chance of hanging in games with are West Virginia and Iowa State. And we'll be underdogs in both of those games. Defense needs to keep up pressuring the QBs and pursuing and harrassing the ball, whoever has it. Offense needs to RUN THE BALL. I might take a sign to the TxTech game that all it will have on it will say, "RUN THE BALL." Running the ball will A) shorten games, B) control the clock, C) take pressure off the passing game, D) take pressure off the defense, and E) play to our strength (our stable of RBs). See y'all in two weeks, when I will return to Section 4. Until then, keep on rockin' and chalkin'.

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