RCT Fantasy Week 2

Sorry for the delay. Been a weird week at work.

1. Land Crab- The Land Crabs have a solid hold on first place. This will be the team to beat this year

2. Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks- Michael Vick is tearing the league up so far. In 8th grade I bet a friend Virginia Tech would win the national title. After FSU beat them I have always had a hatred towards Vick.

3. Sharknadoes - The Sharknadoes are a really balanced team. I may have said this last week I can't remember but not relying on one star every week will lead them a long ways.

4. Papa Wheelies Boys - Rogers dominated in week 2. 4 touchdowns for 42 points. pretty good. pretty pretty pretty good.

5. Rock Chalk Tupac - luckily for me, several players had poor games for RCT. With a couple lineup changes these guys could be deadly week to week.

6. Glengarry Glenn Dorsey - hard to win when the opposing QB goes for 42 points but Kaepernick put up crappy numbers. 3 interceptions? tha'ts bush league bro

7. The Wheat Farmers - TWF won comfortably over Dante's Afro. this is another team to watch out for. If they hadn't of lost last week they would be 2-0 (John Madden's analysis)

8. Fighting 5.7's - Lost but just barely. Bradford played a hell of a game but didn't start. oops

9. The JayShox - Last week's wunderkind fell in dramatic fashion back to earth. when 4 players combine for less than 5 points it may be time to make some cuts.

10. The Anti-Dentites - Calvin Johnson redeemed himself for a 3 point week one performance. thanks bro

11. Hip Hops Team - HHT won but luckily they played a team scoring only 52 points.

12. Denver Fax Machines - AP needs to pick up the pace if he wants to break the single season rushing record this year. 8 points for the number one pick isn't impressive.

13. The Pinkys - missed it by that much. 1.25 points. ouch

14. Dante's Afro - hope you are practicing your dancing moves. 2 weeks in the cellar


Fantasy Player of the Week - Michael Vick.

Owner of the Week - Land Crab. 96% and need every point in that match.

Owner of the Weak - the JayShox. 58%. that's a lot of wrong moves.

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