RCT Fantasy Football Week 1

Week one is in the books. Some did well others did poorly. Here are the complete standings after one game

  1. The JayShox - I had to sit the owner down before and explain how fantasy worked to him. He is in first after one week. Is it fluke or is he a shark scheming to win our league?
  2. Land Crab - Auto drafting Peyton Manning in the first round seemed to work out pretty good for him. 7 touchdowns is insane but not sustainable for the rest of the season.
  3. Rock Chalk Tupac - Brees, Thomas and Boldin all put up good numbers for him this week. not bad at all. That balanced production will keep them humming for quite a while.
  4. Glengarry Glenn Dorsey - Kaepernick had a terrific game leading GGD to a first week win over the Denver Fax Machines.
  5. Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks - I thought Mike Vick's time had passed. MSMS picked up up in the 5th round and he ended up being the leading scorer.
  6. Fighting 5.7's - I want a rematch. Losing to a team that had two players combine for -1.4 points hurts. I think Reggie Bush will prove to be a good pick though.
  7. Sharknadoes - Matt Stafford had a pretty good game but he didn't get a ton of production from his other players. Snide tweets to your roster might be in order if you want to compete for first.
  8. Papa Wheelie's Boys - Damn. Score 135 points and still lose? PWB will be a force to be reckoned with.
  9. Denver Fax Machine's - AP and Matt Ryan will be good picks over the season. Don't write off the DFM's just yet.
  10. The Wheat Farmers - Don't expect these guys to remain at the cellar for long. This team is going places.
  11. Hip Hop's Team - Surprised he is still hanging on to the dummy name I put on there for the autodraft. You can change that you know...
  12. The Anti Dentites - Not a good showing. Then again when Calvin Johnson is robbed of two touchdowns it is difficult to win.
  13. The Pinkys - The Pinkys got their ass kicked. bad
  14. Dante's Afro - Hope you have your dancing shoes on. a few more weeks like this and you better be watching this to prepare.

Player of the Week - No contest here. Peyton Manning put in work.

Manager of the week - Land Crabs. 100% rating. Can't do much better than that

Manager of the weak - Hip Hop's Team. 69%. ouch

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