Andrew Wiggins: The Hype

*This is a piece i did for my KJI camp. i know it isn't my best work, but i struggle with non-editorial stories and inserting and using quotes."

There was a quiet excitement the morning of May the 14th. A young man was ready to make a decision that could impact college basketball in an unmeasurable amounts. He grips the mic from his coach and thanks all that helped him on his way to basketball stardom and in a choppy words he tells the world his intentions on attend the school, the University of Kansas. The crowd inside the small gym erupts with applause, the excitement felt carrying on in shock waves on the media. The chosen one has chosen a home.

Andrew Wiggins, the No.1 basketball recruit in the nation, has often been compared to NBA legends such as Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen and others. Wiggins talents are so superb that many analyst has given Wiggins the moniker "the best high school prospect since Lebron James". But that is just it, he is only a prospect. How can so much hype be accumulated, so high of expectations be set for a player who has yet to play a single second of College Basketball? Kansas fans alike share both skepticism and belief in the Canada native.

Rod Sattererthwaite, an instructor at the KJI camp, has a firm belief in Wiggins talent, but isn't fully convinced that the hype he is receiving is warranted.

"He seems like he is the real deal, said Satterthwaite, although there have been cases in the past where some players didn't pan out very well, but he seems like the real deal."

The forgone conclusion was that without Wiggins, Kansas would have a hard time winning the Big 12 for the 10th time in a row, but now with Wiggins Kansas has been tabbed as a title favorite in 2014.

"I think they really start to overhyped when one recruit makes a team a pre-season No.1, it just doesn't seem ligament to me", said Satterthwaite about Kansas' season projection being effected by Wiggins' commitment.

Another example of Wiggins' hype is the fact that the KU Bookstore is already selling Wiggins' No.22 jersey.

"It is a little too soon to say that he is really that good, said Sattererthwaite. I would prefer if they didn't, but the NCAA is a money maker and its going to happen."

Some would think that all the hype surrounding Wiggins will have a detrimental effect on him, It is all too often when a prized recruit goes awry, underperforms and overall disappoints, although Chris Hullaby, a high school basketball player, thinks differently.

" I don't think he will be cocky, in fact I think it will turn into confidence for him" said Hullaby.

Even if the pressure doesn't effect his attitude, it could effect the way he plays, but Hullaby is confident in Wiggins ability to handle pressure.

"I think that the pressure will fade away once he lets his playing do the talking" said Hullaby.

Kansas has had a recent string of five star recruits that turned out to be duds, and if it turns out Wiggins continues that trend, Hullaby is confident that Kansas won't be stained.

" KU will be fine, though ESPN and the media will get on him" said Hullaby.

It would seem that some Kansas fans lean towards either skepticism or confidence in Wiggins, though there are some, like Jake Long, a sports blogger, who are completely partial on the matter.

"They said that with Lebron and look at where is now. Said Long. They've said that about other players and they didn't live up to expectations, so it is a coin flip on how Wiggins will do."

He doesn't even believe that Kansas necessarily needs Wiggins to be a star for Kansas to succeed.

"KU contends year in and year out, this is just added benefits." said Long.

It is undetermined on how well Wiggins will perform this fall, but if one thing is certain about Wiggins' future, it is that the hype surrounding him will continue.

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