Coming to North Texas for the game? Here's a 'native' guide (Part 1)

"Native" is used loosely, but I've lived in Dallas since 1999 and my parents have been in the Fort Worth area since 1995, so that's close enough, right? And my office is across the freeway from Cowboys Stadium, or what's often called Jerryworld.

Anyway, here's a quick look at tickets, parking and lodging. I'll come up with a post on what to do and where to hang out later in the week. Feel free to leave questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

Tickets and Parking

Obviously, if you want the best seats, go with StubHub, another online broker, or the NCAA's VIP program. But to just get in the house, go to The Cowboys said last week they would open up more sections (including the upper deck) if Kansas won its first two games.

Now, a ticket in the upper reaches (300 and 400 levels) isn't going to be great, so just enjoy the majesty that is the Death Star. Jerry's big screen will have all the action and you can enjoy the works of art collected and displayed by his wife, Gene.

The sideline seats will be better than end zone, as many fans learned last year in New Orleans. But like I said, if you're in the 400 level, you're gonna be a long way away.

One important note on tickets: Selling and reselling tickets on the streets or around the stadiums in Arlington is illegal and heavily enforced. So keep it on the down low if you make an exchange in public. Best to stick to online brokers and Ticketmaster.

Parking for each session is also available through Ticketmaster for $35 plus fees. There are other lots, but many will charge more than that or require you to walk from the Rangers Ballpark and Six Flags, which are both to the east of Jerryworld.

Many area bars and restaurants offer shuttle service (more on that later this week), and you can take a cab, but Arlington is the largest city in the U.S. without public transit, so a car is necessary, either your own or a rental.


There are many hotels and motels in Arlington, some even close enough to walk to Cowboys Stadium. But there's nothing else to do in Arlington besides go to the stadiums or Six Flags, so unless you are really into roller coasters, stay in Dallas or Fort Worth.

Interstate 30 (aka the Tom Landry Highway) connects the two downtowns and runs right by Jerryworld. My suggestion would be to stay in either downtown Dallas or Fort Worth. Another good option is the Las Colinas area of Irving. It's close to D/FW Airport and about halfway between Dallas and Arlington.

You can go cheap or stay in luxury in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving. My suggestion would be to hit up and see what's available.

So that's a start - hope this helps. Hope you all enjoy North Texas and our giant stadium. Rock Chalk!

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