RCT Fantasy Football - Team Name Inspirations

Ever wondered how your favorite fantasy football teams got their names? Well, you're about to find out! I interviewed as many owners as I could. Four of the 14 owners failed to reply. Don't worry, I have reported their screen names to the commissioner for a full conduct review. They will be reprimanded and hopefully possibly excommunicated from the league. We'll see how benevolent Mr. Goodell fizzle406 is feeling this week.

In order of finish, here are your team name inspirations, authored by the owners themselves.

Glengarry Glenn Dorsey – averagegatsby

A couple years ago after Royals Fanfest, a buddy and I went to a Johnnys Tavern to meet up with a buddy of his to watch the Jayhawks game (against who I can't remember) and hang out. Well after the game they had trivia night. Our team name that night was Glengarry Glen Danzig, and I always thought that was hilarious. I wish I could take credit for it.

Land Crab – PenHawk

In college, my friends and I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and thought the Gary Busey scene was hilarious, and for weeks afterward we would work "land crab" into just about any conversation we could. I was trying to think of a name for the team, and for some reason I thought about that.

Fighting 5.7s – KUGrad08

I have been the Fighting 5.7s every year since the league began (2009 or so). In our football recruiting rankings, Rivals would always give our players a three star, 5.7 score. I did it to kind of mock the Rivals rankings and pay tribute to our team. Every time Owen would do a recruit profile, he'd then say "and yes, he is a Fighting 5.7" since our guys somehow always had that score...

Denver Fax Machines – Kumitch

DFM did not reply, so here is the made up story for their team name.

Elvis Dumervil got cut by the Broncos after his agent failed to get a fax with a restructured contract agreement in on time. This also led to the firing of the agent. I can only assume that this means when the machines take over, the fax machines (in Denver) will be the first to revolt.

The Anti-Dentites – fizzle406

There was a Seinfeld discussion on RCT right around the time of the league forming. I wanted to incorporate a Seinfeldism into my team name and thus the Anti-Dentites were born.

The reference can be seen in this clip:

Rock Chalk Tupac – 2.1 seconds left

RCT did not reply, so here is their made up story for their team name.

The easy choice here is to make the connection between a favorite rapper and a favorite team. But who said this was easy? We all know that 2.1 seconds left has purple leanings, especially during the fall. After all, he grew up in the mean streets of Manhattan, KS. So this is obviously a combination of second-favorite team and second-favorite rapper.

Sharknadoes – FLJhawk

I just identified with the movie’s creators in the thought that there would probably be nothing more terrifying to opponents than a tornado filled with sharks. I mean, we all saw that cow in the movie twister and imagined how much worse the situation would be if it had been a shark instead.

Plus, as a Kansas native in Florida, I thought it was probably the most intimidating things from both states put together with the only other option being a Gatornado, and that just doesn’t seem possible, unlike a Sharknado.

The Pinkys – misterbrain

My RCT avatar is The Brain from Pinky and the Brain. It seemed natural that I would name my team after that character. Plus, all season long, whenever I sat someone who went off on my bench, I couldn't help but think "NARF!!"

Papa Wheelie’s Boys – Kjordan29

PWB did not reply, so here is their made up story for their team name.

This owner obviously an avid bicyclist and heavy metal punk rock goth kid. Don’t ask me how it’s possible. It is what it is.

For a new bicycle, go here:

For info on the band, go here:

Hip Hops Team – huzzah12, KHiphopopotamus

HHT did not reply, so here is the real story for their team name.

Created by league commish fizzle406, it was such an inspiring team name that the owner(s) decided to keep it.

Dante’s Afro – PDXJayhawk

Bill de Blasio was a client of mine this year, and his son, Dante, has a pretty badass Afro, which was used to great effect during the mayoral campaign (and even has its own Twitter feed). So, in honor of Dante and his hair moving Bill from the back of the pack to Mayor of NYC, I thought it a fitting tribute.

The Jayshox – kstaff753

Grew up in Kansas a Jayhawks fan and graduated from Wichita State so a Shockers fan too.

Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks – johnes4th

The Mantis Shrimp is the most dangerous creature known to man. You can read about it here:

The Wheat Farmers – mikeville

Back in college, we were looking for a team name for our intramural flag football team. This was the late ‘90s, so fair-weather Nebraskuh fans were everywhere at my small D2 school between Wichita and Topeka. We chose Wheat Farmers as a "Kansas" version of Cornhuskers as a jab at our friends who were Nebraskuh "fans." The Wheat Farmers won three consecutive flag football intramural championships, with their only losses the first two games they played in year one, each by less than a touchdown. Incidentally, the Wheat Farmers were shorthanded in both of those games, only having six players vs the eight players you were allowed to field. Obviously, the Wheat Farmers should stick to flag football and stay away from fantasy sports.

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