RCT Fantasy Football - Season Wrap Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s all over – well, all except for the crying. There is one team owner who is NOT crying, however. May I present to you, Rock Chalk Talk Super Fantasy Football Bowl and National Champion….


mv: How does it feel to be a National Champion?

ag: I'd like to say it feels great, but when you expect to win it’s hard to get to excited about routinely winning fantasy football leagues... I’m the Nick Saban of fantasy football. I'm in 3 money leagues and I will have won or should win all 3.

mv: What do you plan to do with trophy? Will you take it around Stanley Cup style or keep it under glass? Are you gonna make a shirt or perhaps a commemorative video?

ag: I imagine eventually my signature will include some sort of braggery about winning, other than that the trophy will just go in the box with the rest of the fantasy football trophies.

mv: Has any KU merchandise on Amazon caught your eye on which you'd like to use your gift card?

ag: Does it have to be KU merchandise? I’m not opposed to spending it on KU merch, but I've had my eye on FIFA 14 for the Xbone and that 40 bones is a nice down payment… Though a KU Garden Gnome at my work desk to offset the evil ju-ju bestowed upon my department by a co-workers Mizzou garden gnome might be a good idea.

mv: Let's talk about the league in general this year, give us your overall thoughts.

ag: I liked the league, it was fun. The weekly posts really put it over the top. Not a fan of the fleaflicker site though.

mv: Did any other specific owners stand out to you this year? Why (or why not)?

ag: Not really, and that’s not a knock on anyone. I just live life oblivious to everyone and everything around me, I’m kind of a terrible person.

mv: What about Grad? In your opinion, is he or is he not a KState fan?

ag: Without a doubt, I mean why else would someone have Jake Locker on their team, and yes I realize that line of logic makes no sense (Kind of like having Jake Locker on your team).

mv:. Tell us about the inspiration behind your team name.

ag: A couple years ago after Royals Fanfest, a buddy and I went to a Johnnys Tavern to meet up with a buddy of his to watch the Jayhawks game (against who I can't remember) and hang out. Well after the game they had trivia night. Our team name that night was Glengarry Glen Danzig, and I always thought that was hilarious. I wish I could take credit for it.

mv: Your amazing winning streak started after mikeville took over the weekly recaps. Maybe that's something you should consider. After all, any pro will tell you that you don't want to mess with winning streaks. Thoughts?

ag: Without a doubt. I also had extreme luck with zero injuries. After starting 1-3 I thought I was gonna have to start practicing my dance maneuvers.

mv. Again, congratulations on the Championship. Any parting words?

ag: Again, thanks to all who participated it was a lot of fun, and I couldn't have won this championship without such inferior competition. I look forward to destroying you all next year and defending my title.

Thanks and congratulations to our champion, averagegatsby.

Here we go with the final rankings of the season. All records and stats are regular season only. End of regular season ranking in parentheses. Just so we’re all on the same page, PF=Points For or total points scored, and PA=Points Allowed or total points against.

1 (1). Glengarry Glenn Dorsey (10-3)

National Champs!!

PF: #2

PA: #1

A strong regular season resume culminated in a National Championship, led by Jamaal Charles and late season runs by Alshon Jeffery and Nick Foles. Yes, Nick Foles. Not only did they put up tons of points, but other teams also refused to score against them.

Best game: Week 15 (Championship Bracket) vs Denver Fax Machines, Won 186-73.7

Worst game: Week 3 vs The Pinkys, Loss 83.4-75.2

Best player: Jamaal Charles, 312 points

2 (2). Land Crab (10-3)

With apologies to the Super Fantasy Football Bowl losers, I gotta rank LC up at #2 based on regular season results.

PF: #3

PA: #6

Not really sure how LC finished #3 in points for with just Peyton Manning, but it happened. I guess Brandon Marshall had a few good games, too.

Best game: Week 1 vs Papa Wheelie’s Boys, Won 144.9-135.55

Worst game: Week 11 @ Denver Fax Machines, Loss 112.6-86.65

Best player: Peyton Manning, 473 points

3 (3). Fighting 5.7s (8-5)

Shoulda scored more than 62 in the Championship game if they wanted any shot at finishing ranked #2.

PF: #11

PA: #3

Not exactly an offensive juggernaut, Fighting kept winning games when other teams curiously decided not to score.

Best game: Week 15 (Championship Bracket) vs Land Crab, Won 115.35-100.55

Worst game: Week 12 vs Rock Chalk Tupac, Loss 102.5-55.9

Best player: Cam Newton, 318 points

4 (4). Denver Fax Machines (7-6)

DFM gets this simply by making the semifinals.

PF: #1

PA: #13

I was a bit surprised that DFM led the league in points for. Looking at the roster, I’m guessing most of that came from Adrian Petersen, Andre Johnson, and a late season surge from Josh Gordon.

Best game: Week 9 vs Hip Hops Team, Won 147.75-72.6

Worst game: Week 6 vs The Jayshox, Loss 111.75-69.4

Best player: Matt Ryan, 305 points

5 (5). The Anti-Dentites (7-6)

As the lone remaining team with a winning regular season record, the Dentites can hold onto their #5 ranking.

PF: #4

PA: #5

Calvin Johnson couldn’t get this team any farther just by himself. An inconsistent season from RG3 really held back the Dentites. Also, starting Bilal Powell in Week 13 didn’t help out anyone (except Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks).

Best game: Week 10 @ Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks, Won 132.85-69.35

Worst game: Week 14 (Championship Bracket) vs Denver Fax Machines, Loss 78.7-49.05

Best player: Bilal Powell, 95 points

Just kidding. It’s actually Russell Wilson, 298 points

6 (6). Rock Chalk Tupac (6-7)

Tupac won the Consolation bracket to hold onto this spot.

PF: #5

PA: #12

Scored a decent amount of points, but ran into teams on the wrong week. The Drew Brees revenge tour wasn’t able to outscore opponents on a regular enough basis.

Best game: Week 1 @ The Wheat Farmers, Won 141.75-101.8

Worst game: Week 7 vs Papa Wheelie’s Boys, Loss 111.7-84.65

Best player: Drew Brees, 411 points

7 (10). Sharknadoes (6-7)

Sharknadoes claim #7 after advancing to the Consolation bracket final.

PF: #9

PA: #9

A decent squad with Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, and T.Y. Hilton could have done better with a more favorable schedule.

Best game: Week 2 @ Denver Fax Machines, Won 132.4-116.5

Worst game: Week 13 vs Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, Loss 130.85-72.2

Best player: Matthew Stafford, 333 points

8 (9). The Pinkys (6-7)

The Pinkys won the third place game in the Consolation bracket.

PF: #10

PA: #8

Not much to look at here. Alex Smith had some nice games, but not enough of them. Tony Romo has always been hit or miss. And once the Broncos stopped handing the ball off to Knoshon Moreno after Week 12, it was over.

Best game: Week 14 (Consolation Bracket) vs Jayshox, Won 145.65-125.25

Worst game: Week 10 vs Hip Hops Team, Loss 71.8-58.6

Best player: Tony Romo, 322 points

9 (7). Papa Wheelie’s Boys (6-7)

I got nuthin. Average ranks produced an average result.

PF: #6

PA: #7

Lots of injuries for PWB – Aaron Rodgers, Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin. Julius Thomas was a bright spot, though. Well, through Week 11, anyway.

Best game: Week 2 vs Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, Won 137.2-82.25

Worst game: Week 15 (Consolation Bracket) @ Sharknadoes, Loss 107.65-51.25

Best player: Ben Roethlisberger, 315 points

8 (8). Hip Hops Team (6-7)

Still can’t believe this team snuck into the Championship bracket.

PF: #14

PA: #4

Lowest scoring team in the league. Just too many hit or miss players on the roster. There’s nobody here who can go out and win a fantasy matchup for you.

Best game: Week 8 @ Rock Chalk Tupac, Won 122.35-98.6

Worst game: Week 13 vs Papa Wheelie’s Boys, Loss 84.05-57.65

Best player: Andy Dalton, 333 points

11 (11). Dante’s Afro (5-8)

Widely regarded as one of the worst teams all season, DA managed to avoid the cellar. How, we may never really know.

PF: #13

PA: #10

Tom Brady turned it up a notch from Week 9 on, and surely that helped. Eric Decker. Oh, Eric Decker.

Best game: Week 13 @ Rock Chalk Tupac, Won 150.15-114.05

Worst game: Week 10 vs Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, Loss 103.1-50.5

Best player: Tom Brady, 306 points

12 (12). The Jayshox (5-8)

Lots of talent on this team, just never put it all together.

PF: #7

PA: #2

Zac Stacy was a good pickup, and looked good alongside LeSean McCoy and A.J. Green. Some unlucky scheduling doomed the Jayshox to a terrible record. Not sure how they only won five games.

Best game: Week 9 vs Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks, Won 155.35-101.1

Worst game: Week 2 @ Hip Hops Team, Loss, 72.65-52.8

Best player: Philip Rivers, 331 points

13 (13). Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks (5-8)

Did not qualify for the playoffs.

PF: #12

PA: #11

Also not sure how MSMS won five games, but for a different reason than the Jayshox. E.J. Manuel? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Ray Rice was awful this year. Ditto C.J. Spiller. Ugh. I’m in disbelief.

Best game: Week 1 vs Hip Hops Team, Won 127.35-88.45

Worst game: Week 7 @ The Wheat Farmers, Loss 112.1-68.6

Best player: Arizona Cardinals, 200 points

14 (14). The Wheat Farmers (4-9)

Did not qualify for the playoffs. Thank you, Bilal Powell and the Anti-Dentites for teaching me some humility.

PF: #8

PA: #14

I’ve already complained enough about the points scored against me. I guess I just should have scored more points. You know, like in Weeks 14 and 15, when I put up 163 and 151 points. Against nobody. Cuz I didn’t qualify for postseason play. Rant over.

Best (real) game: Week 11 @ The Anti-Dentites, Won 137.5-107.3

Worst game: Week 3 vs Denver Fax Machines, Loss 87.35-66.25

Best player: Andrew Luck, 326 points

Thanks again to all who participated. Thanks to fizz for allowing me to take over the recaps. I’ve enjoyed doing it. Vote for your favorite "guest" in the poll below. We’ll have another post hopefully soon where we’ll vote for the best team name. First I want to give everyone a chance to describe the inspiration behind their team names, and we’ll put that all together in a post of its own.

Week 16 Fantasy player of the week: Peyton Manning (Land Crab), 39 points

Honorable Mentions:

Andy Dalton (Hip Hops Team), 38 points

Patriots (Denver Fax Machines), 29 points

Eagles (Free Agent), 28 points

Bills (Rock Chalk Tupac), 28 points

LeSean McCoy (Jayshox), 28 points

Longest streak this season: Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, eleven wins in a row all the way to a National Title (and twelve weeks without a loss due to a first-round bye in the playoff).

Longest slide this season: Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks, six losses in a row

Biggest Win this season: Glengarry Glenn Dorsey 186, Denver Fax Machines 73.7, a margin of 112.3

Closest Score this season: Week 5, The Jayshox 84.55, Dante’s Afro 83.85, a margin of 0.70

Highest Score this season: Glenngarry Glenn Dorsey, 186 points, Week 15

Lowest Score this season: The Anti-Dentites, 49.05 points, Week 14

Game of the Year: I’ve got to go with Week 15, Championship Bracket semifinal, Fighting 5.7s vs Land Crab with a berth in the Super Fantasy Football Bowl on the line. After Sunday’s game were complete, Land Crab held a 98-67 lead. However, Monday Night Football would belong to Fighting, as they posted a 48-2 tally behind a previously unheard of 25 points from Justin Tucker. Reggie Bush chipped in 16 and Torrey Smith added the final 7. Dennis Pitta only picked up two points for Land Crab that night, nowhere near enough, and Fighting claimed the playoff victory with a 115.35-100.55 final.

Players of the Year at each position:

QB: Peyton Manning, Land Crab, 473.45 points, drafted Round 1, Pick 13

RB: Jamaal Charles, Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, 312.1 points, drafted Round 1, Pick 9

WR: Josh Gordon, Denver Fax Machines, 242.2 points, drafted Round 8, Pick 112

TE: Jimmy Graham, Sharknadoes, 221.4 points, drafted Round 2, Pick 24

K: Stephen Gostkowski, Papa Wheelie’s Boys, 169 points, drafted Round 11, Pick 147

DEF: Kansas City Chiefs, The Pinkys, 245 points, drafted Round 14, Pick 186

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