RCT Fantasy Football - Super Bowl Preview

Here we are, time to play for ALL the marbles!! (And/or a $40 Amazon gift card.)

Some fun facts:

Seeds continue to hold in both brackets (Consolation and Championship).

The last-place Wheat Farmers would have tallied 151 points last week, good enough to beat anybody besides #1 overall and top-seeded Glengarry Glenn Dorsey. This would bring their two-week playoff total to 314 points. I hate this game.

Things that have happened since GGD last lost 11 weeks ago:

Wait, is my math right? Last loss for GGD was Week 4, Sept 30.


Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker were still alive.

Brian Griffin was "killed" but came back.

Scientists discovered evidence of ancient freshwater lakes on Mars.

Columbus Day came and went.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film was released.

Kansas won a Big 12 conference football game.

Thanksgiving came and went.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Missouruh played for an SEC football title.

The Sing-Off returned to television after a one-year hiatus.

Oh, and mikeville became the most popular writer on RCT. Can’t believe I almost forgot that one.

Anyway, let’s take a detailed look at our Championship bracket finale. This is the Rock Chalk Talk Super Fantasy Football Bowl!! Or RCTSFFB for short.

#1 Glengarry Glenn Dorsey vs #2 Fighting 5.7s.

This is the matchup that everyone wanted to see, right?

GGD took the first meeting of these two teams 119.15-90.6 back in Week 5. That game started GGD’s current streak of 10 wins in a row (remember there was a first-round bye). Nick Foles keeps racking up points alongside Jamaal Charles, to whom the Chiefs should continue to feed the ball. Alshon Jeffery keeps scoring touchdowns, and Pierre Garcon has been much more hit than miss lately. GGD even got production out of Delanie Walker at TE.

GGD got here by defeating the Denver Fax Machines in the semifinals after a first-round bye. I’m pretty sure that DFM didn’t even try, as they still had an injured Adrian Petersen in the starting lineup. Hopefully the commissioner will request a letter of explanation and make sure there was no collusion going on.

GGD’s average margin of victory during "The Streak" has been 40.37 points. This may be skewed a bit by the 112.3 point beat-down of Denver Fax Machines in the semifinals, however. So, removing the highest margin and lowest margin of victory from the past ten weeks leaves us with an average margin of victory of… 35.9. Oh. Ok. That’s still a lot. Fighting has a lot of work to do.

After losing to GGD in Week 5, Fighting went on a streak of their own. While not as impressive as GGD’s streak, six wins in a row is still pretty good. Despite finishing the year on a two game slide, Fighting earned the #2 seed and first-round bye. They knocked off Land Crab in the semifinals thanks to the Ravens refusing to put the ball in the end zone on Monday Night Football; Justin Tucker and his 25 fantasy points gave Fighting the 115.35-100.55 win.

Let’s talk to the coaches of each team and get a feel for what they’re thinking this week. Welcome, averagegatsby and KUGrad08!

mv: What are your plans for how you will follow the matchup this weekend?

AG: I have already hung streamers and purchased party hats for my celebration of being champion. The bottles of Cristal are on ice, and the cigars are ready to be lit.

Grad: I'm going with an all-out aerial attack baby. One QB, one RB, FOUR wide receivers. Running the ball is stupid. I mean, why run it for a few yards at a time when you can constantly throw the ball down the field for higher-rewarding plays? Al Davis was a visionary and I'm looking to keep the downfield chucking going well into the future. A title with my team will keep that drive alive.

mv: Editor's note: Mkay, I don’t think Grad understood that question. Must have hit the bottle hard this Wednesday night… YOLO I guess.

mv: Is there anything specific to which you'd like to attribute your fantasy success this season?

AG: If you recall I left the draft feeling pretty good about my team, I did get some luck as I don't think any team had less points scored against them than I did, but on the other hand that could be because I had all the good players scoring all the points and couldn't play against myself... well that and I can only imagine the sheer terror the other teams had facing me, Land Crab really never did recover from the thrashing bestowed upon them.

Grad: My defense was outstanding this season. The offense stumbled a few times (injuries to guys like Dougie Martin didn't help) and the defense and special teams kept us in it. Unlike many owners in this great league, I pay attention to the little things. Guys will draft a kicker or defense and just roll with it. Me? I constantly look to upgrade. I saw that Justin Tucker was on a heater and gobbled him up. He kicked SIX FIELD GOALS last week. More than anything else, you can shuffle kickers and defenses based on matchups. Is a middle of the road defense playing the Jaguars? Gobble em up for a week, play them, and be rewarded with pick sixes. Did the QB on a team go down? Grab their kicker, because they sure as hell ain't getting in the endzone often.

mv: Do you expect the Chiefs to lean heavily on Jamaal Charles again this weekend?

AG: I expect Jamaal Charles to rush for 238 yards on 7 carries, catch 5 passes for 309 yards and have 9 touchdowns.

Grad: They better. Charles is a beast and if you are counting on Alex Smith to win the game for you... well that is dangerous.

mv: Editor's note: I'm not sure Grad realizes that Jamaal Charles is on GGD's roster.

mv: Will the Nick Foles (GGD) to Riley Cooper (5.7s) dynamic affect your team positively or negatively?

AG: I will admit that my two QB's both have very nice match ups. I could just as easily play Kaepernick against Atlanta and feel just as good, but I’m gonna dance with the girl that brought me.

Grad: It has got to be positive, right? No one has benefited more from Foles' coming out party than Cooper. Hopefully Desean Jackson and LeSean McCoy get all the attention and Cooper snags a couple of scores.

mv: What player on the other team are you most worried about breaking out this weekend?

AG: Jake Locker

Grad: Gatsby's team is really freaking good. There aren't any weak spots. But I'm honestly the most worried about the WRs. Charles and the backs are going to get theirs. But Jeffry and Garcon are more wildcards. Both could have huge games. Both could have six catches for 60 yard type outings. I'm hoping for the former.

mv: Editor’s note: Jake Locker is on IR. This would definitely qualify as a surprise should Locker lead Fighting in scoring. Way to go Grad for carrying a guy on your roster who is on IR.

mv: Do you have any advice for next year for the 12 teams who aren't playing for a title?

AG: Go ahead and name your dance routine after me.

Grad: Don't even bother playing because this is the worst team I've ever had in this league yet I'm in the title game. I mean, imagine what I'll do next year with a healthy team I draft sober?

mv: Finally, how do you expect this championship game to play out?

AG: In the immortal words of Conan the Barbarian - "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!"

Grad: We are looking at a mountain. The Dorsey's are the best team in the league, their players are dialed in and they are well coached. Having said all of that, my team has had some magic all year round. We'll give them our best shot, I guarantee that. And win or lose, I'll still booze. Yolo.

Thanks fellas. I know we’ll all be tuning in to see how this turns out.

So far I’m 1-1 in picking RCTFF playoff games (thanks again, Justin Tucker). It looks like each team already has their starting lineup set and is ready to go. FleaFlicker has the line set at GGD -32.25. I think that seems about right. Look for GGD to roll.

My prediction: GGD 130, Fighting 97

I also value your predictions, however. Please vote in the poll below.

Real quick, in other matchups:

#4 Denver Fax Machines vs #3 Land Crab

The consolation game of the Championship bracket, the winner will get to claim the #3 spot in our final rankings of the year.

#8 Rock Chalk Tupac vs #7 Sharknadoes

The championship game of the Consolation bracket. The winner gets to claim the #7 spot in our final rankings.

#10 Papa Wheelie’s Boys vs #9 The Pinkys

I’m guessing only two people care about this matchup – maybe less.

Due to all of the seeds holding in both brackets, the power rankings haven’t changed from last week.

I STILL feel like The Wheat Farmers should move up after dominating in the playoffs these past two weeks scoring lots of points that don’t matter. Once again, power rankings don’t correlate to playoff seeds due to divisions and tiebreakers.

(Last week's ranking and regular season record in parentheses.)

1 (1). Glengarry Glenn Dorsey (10-3)

Here they are, in the RCTSFFB. Will the streak end here or will in continue into 2014?

2 (2). Land Crab (10-3)

LC lost to Fighting in the semifinals after "only" getting 22 points from Peyton Manning.

3 (3). Fighting 5.7s (8-5)

Fighting’s kicker Justin Tucker outscored Peyton Manning in the semifinal matchup with Land Crab. Can Fighting continue to find unconventional ways to win? They’ll need to pull out all the stops vs GGD.

4 (4). Denver Fax Machines (7-6)

Did DFM even try against GGD? Not that it mattered after GGD put up a league high 186 points, but come on… field a full roster at least.

5 (5). The Anti-Dentites (7-6)

The Dentites STILL haven’t cut Bilal Powell. But their season is over so I guess it doesn’t matter.

6 (6). Rock Chalk Tupac (6-7)

Tupac held off the Pinkys to advance to the Consolation "title" game.

7 (7). Papa Wheelie’s Boys (6-7)

PWB’s season is over after a lackluster showing vs Sharknadoes in the consolation bracket semi-finals.

8 (8). Hip Hops Team (6-7)

HHT’s season ended in the first round of the Championship bracket to Land Crab.

9 (9). The Pinkys (6-7)

The Pinkys season is over after last week’s loss in the consolation bracket to Tupac.

10 (10). Sharknadoes (6-7)

Sharknadoes will face Tupac for top spot in the Consolation bracket.

11 (11). Dante’s Afro (5-8)

Their season ended after a first-round consolation loss to PWB.

12 (12). The Jayshox (5-8)

The Jayshox also bowed out of the consolation bracket after round one. Their season is also complete, and will not move out of this spot in our power rankings.

13 (13). Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks (5-8)

Season over.

14 (14). The Wheat Farmers (4-9)

Season over, but the players refuse to give up hope, now scoring points like crazy. Thanks for the dedication, guys.

Going streaking: Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, ten wins in a row

The top two scorers this week were members of GGD.

Fantasy player of the week: Jamaal Charles (GGD), 56.5 points

Honorable Mentions:

Nick Foles (GGD), 40.5 points

Alex Smith (The Pinkys), 38.05 points, Benched

Matt Cassel (Free Agent), 38 points

Ryan Fitzpatrick (MSMS), 36 points

Seahawks Defense (Dante’s Afro), 32 points

And just for fun:

Dan Bailey (Free Agent), 26 points

Justin Tucker (Fighting 5.7s), 25 points

Fantasy owner of the week: Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, 97%

Fantasy owner of the weak: Denver Fax Machines, 72%. DFM would have received this award anyway for seemingly not adjusting their lineup in a Championship semifinal and starting an injured Adrian Peterson. It just so happened that they also had the lowest percentage.

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