Will KU lose a player to transfer in 2014?

The last few years, we've had at least one guy transfer off the KU basketball team to play at a different school.

2013 - Anrio Adams
2012 - Merv Lindsay
2011 - Royce Woolridge
2010 - C.J. Henry (and Chase Buford left the team but stayed at KU)
2009 - Tyrone Appleton

If this trend continues, which it could, I am curious to see who you all think could transfer.

Note: this is not saying I WANT anyone to transfer off the team; we have a lot of talented, dedicated guys on our team, and I hope they all stay. However, if they feel they're not a good fit, then they should feel that they can transfer somewhere else without any hard feelings.

Considering that we could another talented recruiting class coming in next year (I am writing this pre-Okafor/Jones/Alexander decision; so I am not sure if any of this guys are coming yet), will someone feel that they could have more chances to play at another school? I wouldn't hold it against them. With the McLemore/Wiggins effect in full-swing, we could have top-10 recruits coming in for years to come. Egos could clash. Feelings could get hurt. I don't know -- I'm only spit-balling here.

But, anyway, back to the question.

With the new rule changes, we didn't red-shirt anyone this year, and depending on how the season goes, it might work out that everyone gets a decent amount of playing time, at least.

Yes, it's a long way off, but I have a feeling that one of these guys isn't going to 'click' like the rest, and maybe will decide to move to a different school.

I honestly think that Evan Manning could play serious minutes at another school. I don't want him to leave; it's nice that he gets to play for his dad's alma mater. But, maybe he wants to be his own dude. He seems fairly talented and I'm sure the "Manning" name could get him on any team, basically. What if he followed his dad to Tulsa? I don't think anyone would hold that against him.

Mason has already proven himself a talented back-up point guard. But if KU gets in a pinch where we need a 3-point shoot-out, who will we turn to first: Greene, Frankamp, or White? I feel like those guys are going to be fighting for playing time among them. They can all make shots. But, with Oubre coming next year, and potentially others, our backcourt going to be pretty crowded.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Feel free to vote in the poll and/or comment below. I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Again, this is all very premature, but something tells me the trend will continue. Am I just being crazy, or does anyone else think this too?

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