RCT Fantasy Football Week 10

And now we begin to see some separation. I would say that five teams are safely out of the danger zone and don't have to worry about dancing. One team is at .500 and one more victory should ease their mind. Six more teams have a record of 4-6 and should still be on alert, but at this point are Ok. Just win, baby.

That leaves two teams whose owners should probably start at least practicing their moves.

Red Alert: The Wheat Farmers, Dante's Afro

Warp core fluctuating: Hip Hops Team, The Jayshox, Sharknadoes, Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks, Denver Fax Machines, Papa Wheelie's Boys, Rock Chalk Tupac

Ship out of danger: Land Crab, The Anti-Dentites, Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, Fighting 5.7s, The Pinkys

Things can still change. The playoffs start in Week 14, so there are still three weeks remaining. It's possible for teams to move up or down, especially between the middle and lower tiers. It's not very likely for those labeled out of danger, but it's still possible. It's an age-old adage, but it's true - winning fixes everything. It should be an exciting finish.

The Cream of the Crop: Land Crab

The Bottom of the Barrel: Dante's Afro

It's time to bring in our guest for this week, the owner of The Anti-Dentites, fizzle406. The Anti-Dentites have had a solid season, and are currently ranked #2 in our league. They rank second in points scored, and third in points against, which has brought them to a 7-3 record, one game behind Land Crab, over whom the Dentites own the tiebreaker. Should Land Crab drop another game, the Dentites are poised to take over the Cream of the Crop label.

mv: fizzle, I'm going to start off by asking you the same thing I asked PenHawk when he was our guest. What made you volunteer to be our guest this week? Why would you want to help your fellow owners? Are you simply here to make fun of everyone?

fizz: Work is painfully slow this time of year and this makes it look like I am working. Win for me and win for all of you. Do I plan to offer words of wisdom to my competition? No. Will I take cheap shots at all of you? Absolutely. Does Grad being out of the country mean I can attack him with impunity?

mv: As a matter of fact, it does. Attack with impunity, my friend. This is a no-mercy league, as the rookie owner of The Wheat Farmers is finding out. Let's look at your team real quick. The Anti-Dentites have been very hot lately, winners of four in a row, and have been a solid team all year. What do you attribute to your success?

fizz: I owe a lot of my success to Calvin Johnson. I picked up the Rams defense on whim a few weeks ago and they have been good to me. I mean 31 points last week. Pretty pretty pretty good.

mv: Are the Dentites a dark horse to win this league? I haven't heard anyone mention them yet as possible title contenders.

fizz: You heard it here first. The Anti-Denties will be your 2013 champions (provided I don't lose any games in the playoffs)

mv: Alright, let's test your football knowledge here to see if you're qualified. Who is Calvin Johnson's backup in Detroit?

fizz: Andrew Turzilli?

mv: That is incorrect. The correct answer is no one. If Megatron ever goes out, I assume the Lions would simply play with 10 players. I would also have accepted Starscream. Any other opening thoughts or comments you would like to share?

fizz: Let get going.

mv: You got it.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses.)

1 (1). Land Crab (8-2)

mv: Land Crab has been up here since Week 2, mostly due to the strength of Peyton Manning's arm. If the Chiefs defense rips off Peyton's ankle, will that end Land Crab's run at the top of the league? Also, with Arian Foster out, Ben Tate and his cracked ribs become the feature back in Houston. Brandon Marshall and Wes Welker are solid receivers. I'd say overall, this has become a solid team, despite the 2-2 record over the past four games.

PenHawk also tells me that merchandise sales are way up since his appearance on RCT Fantasy Football Week, so take that for what it's worth.

fizz: I was lucky to play Land Crab on Peyton's as well as a huge portion of his team's bye week. They are still going to be the team to beat. I was following their matchup with Sharknadoes really closely Sunday night hoping for them to drop a game but they pulled through. Peyton Manning's health will be a factor going forward.

2 (3). The Anti-Dentites (7-3)

mv: And now on to the feature team of the week. The first thing I notice is two Washington Redskins, RG3 and Alfred Morris. As the Redskins offense goes, so goes the Dentites, I presume? Calvin Johnson also stands out, of course. Also, a now hobbled Tony Gonzalez. But then I see the Rams defense. How have you managed 7-3, and what do you expect out of your team over the next three weeks? Also comment on next week's matchup with The Wheat Farmers if you will.

fizz: RG3 has been frustrating to me. He seems to do really well or really poorly. I gamble on him every week hoping for really well and it panned out for me this week. My strategy has basically been to keep the guys I drafted and only make cuts when absolutely necessary. It seems to be working out for me so far but I might be making a change soon.

I'm feeling confident about my matchup with the Wheat Farmers. Luck might have a big game against Tennessee's defense but hopefully RG3 can match those numbers this week against Philly. I might as well start sizing my RCT Fantasy Football Championship Ring now (note: the winner does not get a ring).

3 (2). Glengarry Glenn Dorsey (7-3)

mv: No doubt about it, GGD is the hottest team in the league. Week 12 is still two weeks away, but a showdown looms with the currently second-ranked Dentites. Will GGD still be streaking, or will Nick Foles' arm have fallen off by then? GGD will welcome back Jamaal Charles from the bye week, and Alshon Jeffery has been amazing the past couple of weeks.

fizz: I expect GGD to wipe the floor with the JayShox this week. Just looking at the projected stats is nuts. GGD has a really tough lineup. I don't think Jamaal Charles will have as big of a week as projected but still a good thing to have him back in the lineup.

4 (5). Fighting 5.7s (7-3)

mv: Luckily for Fighting, Nick Foles really likes Riley Cooper. Why does Nick Foles through the ball to Riley Cooper so much? Doesn't he know he has DeSean Jackson available to throw the ball to? I think Nick Foles should only throw the ball to DeSean Jackson.

Um. Sorry about that. There's too much purple on this team for me to really look at their roster for too long. Fighting has never finished a week in the top 4 in scoring, but has squeezed out a 7-3 record, and is on a five game winning streak. How?

fizz: They have a really banged up lineup. As the season progresses that number will only increase. A five game winning streak is nothing to sneeze at but I'm not sure that can carry them to the coveted RCT Fantasy Championship.

5 (4). The Pinkys (6-4)

mv: The Pinkys have boom or bust Tony Romo, the Chiefs defense, the reliable Knowshon Moreno... and not much else. Is this team the most likely one of the "out of danger" groups mentioned earlier to fall?

fizz: Yep. I don't see Romo pulling in anymore 52 point performances this year. Not to upset the Chiefs fans on this blog but I have a feeling the Broncos are going to bang them up next week.

6 (10). Hip hops team (5-5)

mv: I'll be honest, I like the makeup of this team. Dalton, Woodhead, Ellington, Bryant, Fitzgerald... all solid players. Also all on the inconsistent side, as has been Hip hops season as the only .500 team in the league. They've been up and down in scoring, one week finishing with the second most points, and twice finishing with the second least points.

HHT is second lowest scoring team in the league, yet here they are in the top half of the standings. A matchup next week looms with Fighting 5.7s. Break it down for us.

fizz: I like the 5.7s in this one. HHT will be missing some key players due to bye weeks and despite the injuries the 5.7s have, I think they will be healthy enough to handle anything HHT throws at them.

7 (6). Denver Fax Machines (4-6)

mv: Whew, when you talk about your up and down teams, DFM may have the market cornered. Look at their scoring rank week to week and you'll see what I mean. From Week 4 to Week 9, they've placed 1st, 11th, 14th, 11th, 1st, and 3rd. These guys even lost to Dante's Afro. Is there a curse of some kind on Matt Ryan, or what? Can they hang with Land Crab next week?

fizz: No. Land Crab will destroy them. I've already said a few times already but the Chiefs undefeated season ends on Sunday and Peyton will have a big game. I have been wrong a lot of my predictions but you can take this one to the bank.

8 (11). Rock Chalk Tupac (4-6)

mv: So I've been poking the bear that is the "Drew Brees Revenge Tour" the past couple weeks, and Tupac finally broke a five game slide with a win last week over the Denver Fax Machines. Does Tupac have the horses to go with Brees to stay out of "red alert?"

fizz: I like RCT. He has two of Amerikaz most wanted with Brees and Flacco. He's feeling the California Love with Crabtree and Royal. Although Anquan Boldin has been ineffective the last few weeks, I expect him to Hit em Up on Sunday against the Saints. Sorry what was the question? I was listening to 2Pac.

9 (7). Papa Wheelie's Boys (4-6)

mv: The injury bug has hit PWB hard, and scoring has been way down for these guys the last two weeks, both losses. There are currently five players with a status of "Out" on the bench, including a man named Aaron Rodgers. A "showdown" with the lowest scoring team in the league, Dante's Afro, may be exactly what the doctor ordered for PWB.

fizz: Big Ben wants out of Pittsburgh and I really don't see him doing much until the season is over. If they were playing any other team I would pick the other team but Dante's Afro just isn't a good team. So I feel safe in picking a PWB victory.

10 (13). The Jayshox (4-6)

mv: As PenHawk predicted, apparently The Jayshox have too much talent to hang around the bottom of the league for very long. They have won their last two games, and scoring is way up for this team over that span. Zac Stacy has been a big part of that, ditto AJ Green and his pointless Hail Mary reception last Sunday. I say pointless because the Bengals lost that game, but AJ still got the yards and TD to help put away The Wheat Farmers.

Anyway, I digress. Will The Jayshox continue to move up the standings? There is a lot to like about the roster.

fizz: Two out of the next three of their games are against GGD and the future champs the Anti-Dentites. I don't see them beating either of those teams. I do think they will be just good enough to not dance.

11 (9). Sharknadoes (4-6)

mv: Sharknadoes just lost a close contest to Land Crab. How these guys have six losses I'm not really sure. There are point producers all over this roster - Matthew Stafford, Marshawn Lynch, T.Y. Hilton, Jimmy Graham. It's nuts.

fizz: This one was a lot closer than the score indicates. Sharknadoes had a ten point lead going into Sunday night and the lead fluctuated a half point throughout the game until the very end. You're right. I don't understand how they are 4-6 with that lineup. It might be ownership issues.

12 (8). Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks (4-6)

mv: I'm trying really hard to like this team, I really am. But, I just don't see the playmakers I need to see. Should MSMS be worried about falling farther down in this league? Case Keenum has been a solid pickup, but Ray Rice and CJ Spiller have been abysmal, Mike James is out, and Harry Douglas is, well, Harry Douglas.

fizz: MSMS had a really strong start to the year. I don't think they are going to dance though. They should be ok.

13 (12). The Wheat Farmers (3-7)

mv: I guess I shouldn't say bad things about other teams when my team is here (my apologies to MSMS). I know exactly why I'm here, as mentioned in last week's article. Forget for a minute that we've had four weeks under 90 points, the reason The Wheat Farmers are struggling is not necessarily due to themselves, but to the opponents, as TWF leads the league in points scored against.

I like my roster, I really do, despite the fact that I'll be dropping Arian Foster this week. Thanks to a Week 2 win over Dante's Afro, we own the tiebreaker for last place. But a tough schedule to finish the regular season looms, with games against the Dentites (7-3), Sharknadoes (4-6), and Land Crab (8-2). That's the top two teams in our rankings (as of this week) and a very talented Sharknadoes roster.

An 0-3 finish and these guys are surely toast, yes/no? Is there anything TWF can do to avoid the dreaded "Bottom of the Barrel?" If you owned TWF, how would you approach these last three games?

fizz: Since you are playing the Dentites, I think it would be wise to bench Andrew Luck and Eddie Lacy and start Arian Foster, even though he's hurt. He needs the confidence boost right now.

Seriously though, play it safe. Start your big guns and hope for the best. You probably aren't going to find a sleeper off the waivers this point in the season so you just need to maximize production out of your current guys. Maybe they need a twitter pep talk, maybe you need to call their coaches at all hours of the night until they agree to give them more plays.

14 (14). Dante's Afro (3-7)

mv: Afro is coming off a game where they got doubled up on the scoreboard by Glengarry Glenn Dorsey. They've only broken 100 points twice all year. They've also scored less than 60 points twice this year. Obviously, scoring has been an issue for Afro all season long.

Personally, I think their best bet to crawl out of the cellar is to start all of the Patriots on their roster (Tom Brady, Stevan Ridley, Julian Edelman) and hope Bill Belichick airs it out. Ideally, I'd like them to bench all of their players (or, take a knee, as it were) and go ahead and claim last place. That's unlikely to happen, and the way fantasy football has gone for me this year (in all leagues, not just this one), something nutty will happen and Afro will climb up the rankings. How possible is it? A manageable schedule awaits with Papa Wheelie's Boys (4-6), Hip hops team (5-5), and Rock Chalk Tupac (4-6) to end the year.

fizz: this team stinks. The only way they aren't dancing is a miracle and probably sacrificing a goat to the FF gods.

mv: Alright, that should just about do it. Thanks for your time so far today, fizz. Prediction time. Who do you honestly think will win the championship? And who will be dancing?

fizz: Honestly, he's been in first place all season so I think Land Crab continues and wins the league. Loser will be Dante's Afro. That is unless the Fantasy Gods accept his sacrificial goat and then it will be The Wheat Farmers.

mv: If The Wheat Farmers finish last, should their owner be given a break due to all the hard work he has put in writing up these recaps?

fizz: We will all thank The Wheat Farmers for their hard work in putting these recaps together. Then we will all laugh at how mikeville dances.

mv: Not cool, bro. Not cool. Anyway, what are your thoughts on all of the purple on Grad's roster? I mean, come on, there's really no excuse for having Jordy Nelson AND Daniel Thomas on your team. What's next... adding Darren Sproles and Josh Freeman?

fizz: Look at the facts. Grad always talks about how many K-State friends he has. He also has a ton of K-Staters on his roster. You know what this means? KU Grad 08 is actually KState Grad 08 and has been trolling us. That or he thought the K-State players where his best option in the draft.

mv: Any other final thoughts?

fizz: Thanks for having me. As a note for Dante's Afro (PDXJayhawk), the actual Bmac dance is only like 5 seconds long so you might have to do the dance a couple of times to fulfill the punishment requirements.

Thanks again to fizzle406.

Going streaking: Glengarry Glenn Dorsey, six wins in a row

Going sliding: Mantis Shrimp Murder Sticks, four losses in a row

Fantasy player of the week: Drew Brees, 40.6 points

Honorable Mention: Peyton Manning, 35.4 points

Fantasy owner of the week: Papa Wheelie's Boys, 100%

Fantasy owner of the weak: Dante's Afro, 78%

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