Game 9 - @ Okla State - The View From My Couch

Okay, so this should really be titled, "The View From My Car" as I was driving on Saturday. Emporia State lost on Saturday, btw, to Northwest Missouri State, 48-21. And the way the K-State is playing, I don't think the Hornets can claim "best college football team in Kansas." Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

So obviously, since I didn't watch the game, this will be a rather short article. I haven't listened to the radio broadcast for a while, though, so it was good to hear Bob Davis and David Lawrence again. I really miss Max Falkenstein though. Bob and Max were a fun duo. Bob and David are solid in their own right, however.

So, due to the nature of how I took in the game, I won't offer a quarter by quarter blow. I obviously wasn't able to take notes to equip myself to do so. So, I thought I'd just give us all a forum to vent, complain, and overall simply be frustrated with where the program is right now.


The offense was obviously abysmal on Saturday. This makes no sense to me. Jake Heaps had an entire year to work on the playbook. Ditto Justin McCay. These two have been HUGE disappointments. Why is the offensive line not any better than it is? I know we had a bunch of experienced seniors last year, but the drop-off has been very noticeable. I just do NOT understand how this happened this year. All the signs should have pointed to the offense being much better in 2013, and that just hasn't happened. It has to be coaching. Right?


Probably the brightest spot on the team this year. However, due to the absolutely inept offense, they are on the field A LOT. They play hard throughout the game though, and generally force a couple of turnovers - with the notable exception of this past weekend in Stillwater. There really is a lot to like about this group, and 2014 should be even better with only five seniors on this year's current two-deep.

Special Teams:

"Kansas special teams is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." That's what Forrest Gump should have said, anyway. Doink a field goal off the upright? Check. Punt a lot? Check. Is Trevor Pardula the best player on the team, or does is just seem like it since he touches the ball more than any of the offensive skill players in any given game?


Go ahead and throw away 2013. It's been a wasted year. Cozart's redshirt is gone, and he's not even playing 100% of the snaps. The transfer experiment has (to this point) been a failure. Even if they needed to, this offense couldn't score 20 points in a game to save anyone's life. Well, not a conference game, anyway.

The West Virginia game does not look like a realistic opportunity. Neither does the K-State game. The only game we even have a slight chance of playing well in is at Iowa State, and that's only because ISU is banged up, missing a few players, and struggling on offense like we are. The score of that game might end up 11-5 or something ridiculous like that. Lots of field goals and safeties.

Look, we're stuck with Weis for AT LEAST one more year, and probably two more years before we'll be able to afford to buy him out (assuming the program continues to flounder). Let's hope he can figure out something that will work for 2014. He better figure it out soon, because attendance is already down, and Memorial Stadium is a ghost town halfway into the third quarter these days. Weis is looking at the very real possibility that he'll have a worse record than Turner Gill after two years. I am in no way, shape, or form pining for Gill's return, but I do think that Lew Perkins owes all Kansas fans an apology.

Anyway - I guess it's time for us all to be "typical Kansas fans" and turn our focus toward the basketball team. At least there we can look forward to winning a few games. I'll still attend the last two home football games, so, if anyone else is at the stadium with me, feel free to stop by Section 4 anytime.

If you are coming to the West Virginia game next week, try to make it to the Horejsi Center at 11 AM for the women's volleyball game against K-State. You can see some good volleyball, a winning KU team, and a good atmosphere.

I'll be back next week for another "View."

Rock Chalk!

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