Game 4 - vs Texas Tech - The View from Section 4

Um. Yeah. So... not sure really where to start here. I waited until tonight to write my recap. I also waited until just now to read any other recaps (headnod to Warden). Well... let's get this over with.

Pregame. I arrived pretty late, actually. About 10 mins before kickoff. It's a beautiful day, though. Kinda chilly to start, but if/when the sun comes out, it will be nice, I think! Not impressed by the homecoming "crowd". Not digging the uniforms, either. But, I'm a traditional kinda guy, I haven't liked most of our uniforms this year.

First quarter. Well, well, what is this? Defense playing well! Heeney all over the field! Uh, is that Michael Cummings in on 3rd and 12? WTH was that, some kind of option? Oh well, hey, we're winning!! KU leads, 10-0.

Second quarter. Defense is hanging in there. They're playing tough! Starting to give up some yards, though. Ooo, TTech missed a field goal! Yeah! Uh oh. Now Tech is in a groove. What in the world is our offense doing? WTH WAS THAT, A FAKE PUNT???? 20-10 TTech at half.

Oh, the sun came out, btw. It's a beautiful 65 degree day in Lawrence today.

Third quarter. We will get the ball first. Let's see what halftime adjustments we came up with, as our offense stalled out in the second quarter. I'm down by the concession stand on a phone call. When I get back to my seat, 18 seconds have ticked off the clock, and Texas Tech has the ball on the Kansas 4 yard line. My WTH's have turned into WTF's. I think our defense has even given up. Texas Tech is doing whatever they want on offense. Especially Jace Amaro. The "crowd" is pretty much gone. Most left at haltime, and didn't get to see Tony Pierson's pretty amazing catch and run. Unfortunately, he was very slow getting up. I don't believe he played another snap the rest of the game. Quarter ends, Texas Tech 37, Kansas 10.

Fourth quarter. I promised myself after the Colorado game in 2010 that I would never leave another game early. That promise was broken after Jake Heaps failed to fall on a bad snap less than two minutes into the quarter. I'm sorry guys. I really am. I feel like I let my readers down. I feel like I let down all of Rock Chalk Talk Nation. But I couldn't take any more. By the time I get to my car, it's 54-10.

Final Score - Texas Tech 54, Kansas 16.

Hmm, positives, let's see, here, positives... umm, Ok, hey, Grad's guy (Andrew Turzilli) finally got in the game! And caught a touchdown pass! So there's that. Jimmay Mundine didn't have any drops that I remember. So, there's that.

I'll try to keep the negatives as short as possible. Way to many false starts. Way too many personal fouls. Imaginative but inconceivable play calling. Inconceivable!!! Why no attempt at a running game? Why is Jace Amaro being single covered? Why are we not blitzing? Is Justin McCay even playing today? I don't think I heard his named called once. Where's the pressure on the Tech QB? The one time we blitzed (in the third quarter!!!) Cassius Sendish comes up with a sack. Why so much "Jayhawk" formation? It was pretty easy to figure out that Jake Heaps was passing and Michael Cummings was running.

Kliff Kingsbury coached Charlie Weis out of his pants today. The most egregious call of the day was the fake punt. Warden covered it pretty well in his recap. Even if that is the player's fault, the primary blame lays on the head coach. You have you make sure your player knows that it isn't even an option in that situation. Kick the ball NO MATTER WHAT. You CANNOT afford to have happen what happened. If I was Charlie Weis' boss, he would have been fired at halftime. It was absolutely inexcusable, and in my opinion, a fireable offense. Kingsbury also got the better of Weis at the end of the first half, taking the delay of game penalty, accepting the ten second runoff, and kicking the field goal as time expired. He left NO chance for anything crazy to happen in KU's favor to end the half.

It's becoming painfully obvious that Weis is not the man for the job here. Everyone agrees there is talent on this KU roster. That is not manifesting itself in any manner on the field. We need a program builder at Kansas. Someone who will get dirty and work. We don't need a NFL super bowl winning CEO assistant who seems to be content to sit back and cash his paychecks. We don't need a players coach who wants to make good husbands out of everyone on the team. We need a program builder.

There are probably things I'll think of later that I'll wish I had put in this write up. But that's OK. They'll just have to go un-written. I want to move on from this as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned for next week, Game 5 @ TCU, the View from My Couch. For as long as I can stand to watch, of course. I'm predicting the Frogs' offense will get a lot of things "corrected" next week, and probably put up a season high in points scored. Look for Kansas to maybe get in field goal range a couple of times. Maybe.

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