Game 7 - vs Baylor - The View From Section 4

We're going streaking! Yeah!! Sorry, I'm sorry. We're going streaking, through the quad, and into the gymnasium! Come on everybody! Come on! Come on! Snoop! Snoop a loop!! Snoop! No, it's cool, it's cool, I'm cool, bring, bring your green hat, let's go. Come on everybody, we're going! Here we go!!

Kansas is on a rather remarkable streak. No opponent has taken it's opening drive and scored points on this Kansas defense. Surprisingly, that held true against Baylor. Unfortunately, that was the high point of the game for KU. We'll get to that, however.

Haha, I tricked you right? You thought I was going to talk about our streak of losing conference games. No sir. I wasn't even going to mention it.


Another beautiful day in Lawrence, KS. Sunny and near 60, I think. I arrive with a friend about two hours before gametime. Grab the lawn chairs out of the trunk, pick out a spot on the hill, and begin pounding adult beverages. I figure I'm gonna need all the help I can get for this game. Only three members of the 12-pack survive.

First Quarter:

Baylor has the dropsies! They kept themselves from scoring on their first two drives. But as mentioned above, the Kansas defense has a streak going. So far this year, no matter who received the opening kickoff, the Kansas offense has gone onto the field not trailing. No one has scored on their opening drive of the game vs KU. Baylor quickly finds their groove (and some open receivers downfield) and begins piling up points. The Kansas offense apparently thinks they are Baylor as well, as they are throwing the ball all over the place too. Except, Kansas doesn't have any open receivers, and even if they did, the passes aren't very catchable. The quarter ends with Baylor in command, 21-0.

Second Quarter:

Things aren't getting any better. Kansas is finally attempting to run the ball. But Baylor knows this, too, and Baylor keeps all their defenders within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. The Kansas offense is helpless. We should seriously be going for every fourth down. Why do we keep punting? They are going to score whether they start on their own 5 or on our 30. So what's the difference? At this point, the Kansas defense is just as hapless as the offense. Fans begin their exodus BEFORE halftime. A sarcastic cheer arises from the remaining fans when Kansas holds Baylor to a field goal. The halftime score is Baylor 38, Kansas 0.


Does anyone know if the twirler (Shannon Livengood) is single? She's a cutie. Unfortunately, only about 25% of the crowd remains to see her perform with the marching band. Not that it was a very large crowd to begin with. I would say the stadium started maybe 50% full. (I'm sure the official attendance figures will say more than that. But a lot of people who I'm sure had tickets didn't bother to come.)

Third Quarter:

Baylor pulls their starters maybe midway thru the third quarter. Kansas finally gets on the scoreboard with a nice little option play. Not much to see here. Not very many people left to see it, either. End of the third quarter, Baylor has let up, but still leads 52-7.

Fourth Quarter:

Why is Jake Heaps still playing? This is ridiculous. Seth Russell, the Baylor backup QB (and I believe a formal verbal commit to KU) is getting a lot of action. He doesn't seem to be playing very well tonight, though. Wow, Baylor even has their backup place kicker doing extra points. Our starter can't even make a 35 yarder. Good grief.

Final Score:

Baylor 59, Kansas 14

I'm not a gambling man. In fact, there's only been two games in the history of college football that I ever would have bet on. This was one of them. I just knew we wouldn't stay within 36 points of Baylor. Nothing about this game made me think we had any kind of chance whatsoever.

(In case you were wondering, the other was in 2003, when Missouruh came to Lawrence with a top 20 ranking and undefeated record. They were a 10 point favorite. If I had any money back then, I would have bet it all. I would have won then, too, as we beat them by 21 that day.)


We got what we expected. It would have made sense to line up and pound the ball into the line three (or four) plays in a row. You know, shorten the game. Instead, we come out passing. I'm so disgusted by our offensive game plans that I can't even talk about it anymore.


Again, we got what we expected. Baylor could have put up 100 on us. They had mercy (and a few dropped passes). Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, our defensive gameplan was insane. It's going to take someone to do something radical to stop Baylor. Play a five-deep. Drop nine men into coverage. Or do both at the same time. SOMETHING. But no... we lined up, just like everyone else has this year, and what happened? Got smoked.

At least the defense fought in the second half. Defenses who give up don't force fumbles. I believe Kansas forced three fumbles, recovering two. So there's that.

Special Teams:

Pardula was probably our player of the game - after all, he had 515 yards (according to the ESPN box score). He kicked some nice spirals, got some good hang time and distance. Of course, Baylor didn't go for any punt blocks. Why? Because it doesn't matter where they get the ball. They going to score. So why did we punt ELEVEN times???

Oh, and Wyman missed a mid-range field goal. Meh.


We got what we expected.

At least our streak is intact.

Since my frame of mind going in was, "If we hold them under 70, it's a win"... well, then, I guess we "won." But it sure didn't feel like it. Does it make me "that guy" if I say the only reason Saturday wasn't terrible was because Nebraskuh lost earlier and Missouruh blew a 17 point fourth quarter lead to lose in OT? Because... well... those events did bring a smile to my face.

Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very good about next week's game, either. Seems like we never play well in Austin. But, I'll tune in. So stay tuned for next week's "View" and as always, Rock Chalk.

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