Big 12 Power Rankings: Week One

Sep 2, 2012; Waco, TX, USA; A general view of the Big 12 logo at Floyd Casey Stadium before the game between the Baylor Bears and the Southern Methodist Mustangs. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Another year is upon us and a new look Big 12 started the season a perfect 9-0 with TCU taking an extra week to prepare before kicking of their season. The league is still at ten teams, the league is still very strong. Some of what we saw in week one was expected, other failed to meet expectations. Either way it's just one week and it's the first week so it's still too early for any final judgements. But as we do each week, we're ranking the ten teams in the Big 12 based on what the showed us as we kick off this years first Big 12 power rankings.


1. West Virginia

How They Fared: 69-24 win over Marshall

Previous Ranking

West Virginia was not without fault but they put together the most impressive single sided performance of the weekend outside of Oklahoma State who was playing a cupcake for cupcakes. With that I give WVU the nod at the top spot in the Big 12 during their first week as an official member.


2. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: 84 - 0 over Savannah State

Previous Ranking

Yes the opponent was weak but Oklahoma State absolutely blew them out of the water and they did it without really going out of their way to run the score up. The offense ran the ball very well and the new QB looked decent. They'll need to show up against a better opponent to really turn skeptics into believers, but with a one week sample they are in the mix.


3. Baylor

How They Fared: 59-24 win over SMU

Previous Ranking

If you were looking for a Baylor drop off, it doesn't appear to be looming on the horizon. At least not anything dramatic. Yes it will be hard to replace what they lost in RGIII and more, but Baylor looks capable of competing with anyone in the league after one week of play.


4. Texas

How They Fared: 37-17 win over Wyoming

Previous Ranking

The Cowboys are a decent program and this is a nice win for Texas. It's even better considering the effectiveness in the running game. When Texas runs the ball well, they are very difficult to stop during the Mack Brown era. Despite the QB struggles in recent years this could be a team that gets Texas moving back in the right direction.


5. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 24-7 win over UTEP

Previous Ranking

Oklahoma has some definite holes and they didn't look all that good against UTEP in week one. Bob Stoops is pretty adamant that his team will be fine, but it's impossible to ignore some of the significant injuries and ask how much they might impact the Sooners in 2012.


6. Kansas State

How They Fared: 51 - 9

Previous Ranking

It was tempting to put K-State ahead of Oklahoma but both had similar struggles, K-State just rallied late to the tune of 35 fourth quarter points. The Wildcats have a big test this week and can go a long way toward easing some of the concerns that were raised through three quarters of play.


7. TCU

How They Fared: DNP

Previous Ranking

Not really sure what to do with TCU at the moment. Without a sample and with plenty of question marks it's hard to jump them up near the top, but they certainly could come out next week and sway that opinion. That said, I'm starting them at no. 7 based purely on gut reaction to where I think they might finish the season.


8. Iowa State

How They Fared: 38-23 win over Tulsa

Previous Ranking

I like Paul Rhoads, I like the ISU win over Tulsa and I think this team could be better than expected this year. That doesn't mean they're winning 10 games, but they'll compete for a bowl spot and could pull another upset as they have been known to do.


9. Texas Tech

How They Fared: 44-6 win over NW ST

Previous Ranking

Hard telling with Tech. The win looks convincing but there are plenty of doubts surrounding Tommy Tuberville's ability to advance the program. Hard to say if it's deserved or a product of his lower profile approach when compared to Mike Leach. This almost seems like a school and a program that needs someone yelling for attention in order to receive it. We'll see what happens.


10. Kansas

How They Fared: 31-17 win over SDSU

Previous Ranking

You have to earn respect in a league that is this tough and Kansas is still in the process of fixing a lot of problems. Week one was a win but there were still issues and concerns. It will be a process.

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