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In addition to our weekly look around the league ahead of the weekend, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a quick glance around the network and reset the Big 12 storylines following each weekend. This week was a lighter load of games and next week will be the same, but here's a little bit of what is going on around the league following week four.

K-State holds off Oklahoma for thrilling win - Bring On The Cats
Bring on the Cats recaps Saturday's thriller in Norman. Their excited out there in Manhattan, as they should be. Bill Snyder has earned plenty of praise around here. Now the question is sustainability. I'm not talking long term, I'm talking this year. Can they get past Texas and WVU? Is there anyone else that might sneak up on them? They have a BCS bowl birth in their sites, can they do it? Also, if the run the gauntlet undefeated to they get a shot at the NC game?

Teetering Perilously Close To The Edge Of A Disaster? - Crimson And Cream Machine
Things aren't so rosy in Norman following the loss. Crimson and Cream machine has some legitimate concerns about the direction of the season and possibly even a potential dip in the program similar to what Texas has been dealing with. I think that's probably overreaction, but I can see why they might think that. Oklahoma hasn't been the same Oklahoma that they were a under Sam Bradford. Landry is really looking pedestrian and at this point they haven't committed to the Belldozer as anything more than a gimmick. I'm sure they'll be fine, but it does go to show how big a quarterback is to a program.

ULM's clock strikes midnight against Baylor's offense - Our Daily Bears
In the most Alamo Bowl-esque of games, Baylor triumphed in Monroe, Louisiana in front of a record crowd in an absolute frenzy for the occasion. ULM really is a good team and hats off to Baylor for going in and getting a win. The Bears have the offensive firepower when things are clicking, but the defense should definitely be a concern.

West Virginia Survives Lackluster Performance To Beat Maryland 31-21 - The Smoking Musket
WVU fans weren't all that impressed with the win against Maryland so why should we be? Is this still a team that has a chance at winning the Big 12? The week to week consistency and playing at an extremely high level hasn't been there just yet. The room for error is gone now that the early season is over.

Inside the Numbers: TCU Continues to Win - Frogs O' War
The Frogs got the 27-7 win over Virginia to extend the nations longest winning streak to 11 games and improved to 3-0 on the season. Is this TCU team a contender or a pretender? They certainly want to pay the role of a contender but neither win has been all that impressive since the Grambling blow out. The struggles against Kansas on the road raised some major concerns even though TCU insists it wasn't their normal game.

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