More Monday morning thoughts

Weis says the drop off from Crist to KU's other quarterbacks is steep.

But Crist clearly cannot get it done.

Crist is inaccurate (11-27, .385, worst of the season against NIU, YTD 62-129, .481).

He loses his composure under the least pressure. 4th quarter was nothing but "deer in the headlights" eyes every time the camera got a close up of him.

He may be the best in practice, but he is of no use in a game. Knowing the offense best is of no use when paralyzed on the field.

Weis ran off a lot of last year's players for attitude, unwillingness to work on academics and other perceived character issues. Of all the players Weis ran off, to my knowledge Jordan Webb was the only player than was booted solely based on Weis' assessment of his talent and potential. Clearly Weis had assessed both Cummings and Baty to be better in both areas than Webb.

Yet also clearly Weis was wrong in his assessment of Webb. Webb won the starting QB job at CU (which does not say much for CU), and while CU has been horrible, and Webb's performance has suffered as a result, he has shown he can perform under pressure. Ironically, Webb did so on Saturday, excelling in a 21 point CU 4th quarter to the same degree that Crist failed in the 4th against NIU. Webb led a horrible CU team to it's first win of the season Saturday, going 29-42, 345 for 2 TDs and scoring 2 TDs rushing, including the game winner on a 4 yard run with 9 seconds left to cap a 12 play, 70 yard 4th quarter drive. Contrast that to Crist's 4th quarter Saturday, and KU fans are left shaking their heads.

So Weis ran off a serviceable, experienced backup, and now has no one on the roster he believes is up to the job of replacing Crist. If there were any doubts -- and there were -- it is now abundantly clear that Weis is NOT the best assessor of QB talent. Weis can do great things when he has solid QB talent (if Crist could have performed just adequately against both NIU and Rice, KU would probably be a misleading 3-1 today), but it looks very much as if he needs someone else to find it for him.

Finally -- everyone who has been around team sports for any significant length of time knows
(1) there are guys that look great in practice but can't get it done under the pressure of a game and
(2) some guys who look just okay in practice find another gear during actual competition.

Unlike the first group, for the second group the pressure of competition focuses them and ignites their best.

So at least give the other guys a shot. As Tim Fitzgerald said on The Drive last night, Crist is simply not a gamer. Maybe Cummings or Baty or both are.

Only way to find that out, though, is to give them a chance to prove they can do the job <u>in the game</u>.

It is time for Weis to abandon the Dayne Crist rehabilitation project and see if KU has some gamers who can at least hit their wide open targets when called on to pass. At the very least they will be gaining valuable game experience for next year, honing their skills for the chance to compete against currently sitting transfer Jake Heaps for the QB spot next year. And maybe, if one of them <i>is</i> a gamer, KU will actually manage to win a game in the tough Big 12. Right now Weis has nothing in Crist, and nothing to lose but a goose egg in the Win column.

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