Kansas Vs. TCU: Inside The Numbers

Sep 15, 2012; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks defensive end Toben Opurum (34) causes a fumble out of the end zone as Texas Christian Horned Frogs quarterback Casey Pachall (4) was trying to score in the second half at Memorial Stadium. TCU won the game 20-6. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

Jumping inside the numbers this week and while the most important number is the 20 to 6 final score, there are some positives this week. In fact I'd even say that the 20 to 6 final score is a positive if you look at it for what it is. Yes I've heard the argument that we were closer to 48 to 6, but in reality we almost pulled this within 7 in the final minutes. Outside of the botched snap, the defense made the plays and took advantage of opportunities to create turnovers. It might be premature and overly optimistic, but it was the best Big 12 game I've watched Kansas play in nearly two years.

26 - Tackles made by a Kansas defensive lineman

I'm not sure when the last time we could have possibly said that this had happened. My hunch would be that you'd have to go back at least two years to find a time that the Kansas defensive line was this active in the tackle column. They were getting push, shedding blocks and for the first time in a long time an opposing quarterback had to pick himself up off the turf on several occasions. This group is coming along.

13 - Completions to a non-starter in the passing game

During the first two weeks of the season this number was in the single digits. In fact you could count it on one hand. The staff is working to get more size in the game and they are working to get Tony Pierson involved in the passing game. I know there are some frustrations with playcalling, but I consider this at least a small improvement from a personnel usage standpoint.

3 - Sacks alllowed.

The important thing here is that it's really hard to put ANY of this on the offensive line. Generally speaking the line really clicked on Saturday. The group seems to be settling in with Hawk, Zlatnik, Marrongelli, Dent and Howard and the right side did a much better job than during the first two weeks of the season. TCU has some fairly talented pass rushers and Kansas did the job. Unfortunately our wideout group is lacking in some areas and that led to a few coverage sacks after Dayne Crist was allowed to stand in the pocket for a good 5-7 seconds or more.

15 Yardline - Second half starting field position for Kansas

The return game was absolutely horrid on Saturday. I'm not sure what happened to DJ Beshears but the guy used to have a lot more fight in him. Throughout the Turner Gill era he was the one guy that seemed to have a fire in his belly for 60 minutes every week. This week he really looked disinterested at times and it led to more time for some of the back up receivers. Beshears was even pulled of the return game late. It will be interesting to see what adjustments are made with this group moving forward.

9 Carries for 45 Yards - First half numbers for Taylor Cox

Cox would only touch the ball two more times in this game. Yes it was good to see the emphasis on the passing game because we need to run a balance offense, but we rarely went back to the running game at all. Cox is a strong runner, adding Sims will be a nice boost as well. During this game we never quit passing, against Rice we couldn't pass. Hopefully we can find a balance moving forward and keep our offense moving in the right direction.

7.12 - Yards per carry for TCU on the ground

Not a good number. Considering the defensive line looked better and the linebackers looked better once McDonald entered the game, this number is a bit troubling. TCU's backs seemed to always deliver the blow in this game, something that we'll need to work on. It led to quite a few missed tackles and plenty of extra yardage for the Frogs even when Kansas was positioned to make a play.

2 of 10 - TCU 3rd down conversions

Nice job by the defense to get off the field.

2 of 2 - TCU 4th down conversions

Needed stops here, positioned to get the stops, TCU out muscled us or we missed a tackle.

3 of 7 - TCU redzone conversion

Seems like a good number for our defense.

2 of 3 - Kansas redzone conversion.

Looks good from a percentage standpoint but then you realize we only put up two field goals. This team has to learn to finish and they need to get into the redzone more often.

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