Monday Morning Questions

I know it's Tuesday morning, but I liked the Monday Morning questions from LTCUSARet. It's always good to take a look at the different questions weighing on the varying perspectives after a game. Especially after a game like we watched on Saturday.

Monday Morning Questions

With TCU coming to town, and the season looking as if there just may not be another W in sight — except perhaps Iowa State — what will Charlie do?

1. With Crist failing to perform in two straight starts against much less than Big 12 standard defenses — and looking pretty iffy in doing so — is it time to look at QB #2 (according to the depth chart) Michael Cummings, or even giving the QB of the 2011 JUCO Champions a shot? Yeah, he’s on our roster! At least Turner Baty has shown he can win at some level beyond High School. Can one of them prove to be a good FBS QB if given the chance? For no particular reason other than wanting to show he supports his guy Dayne, I think that Weis will go with Crist at least through the NIU game.

Three more questions and a few quick thoughts after the jump.

2. Will Campo decide to risk the long pass in order to stop allowing opposing QBs to West Coast offense KU to death? Or will our DBs continue to play 10 yards off their man?

3. Will other kickers (Pittsburg KS walk-on Austin Barone) get a chance to show their stuff?

4. Will Charlie get his head on straight and start making better calls on O? Still looking for the great offensive mind, haven’t seen it yet. To be fair, it would help if he had a QB on the field that did more than just look like a great QB — but then, see Question 1.

ALSO TO BE FAIR — We read over and over during the spring how Weis and Campo knew they were undermanned and did their best on short notice to upgrade the roster. Even with the great conditioning program Holsopple has instituted, for a football program to be successful, there still have to be other abilities (e.g., football smarts, speed and agility) to go with the strength and endurance being developed. Good talent has them all, great talent has them all in abundance. We have a bunch of guys who are trying their best (I really believe that is true this year; last year it was not, as they were simply not prepared), but appear to not be up to the job. That is no indictment of them as young men (not trying their best would be), but it is sad to watch them fall short against foes that most college football experts believe they should defeat.

I think at this point it is fair to say — especially since the experts have had KU finishing last anyway — that the real assessment of the success of Weis this year will be based on his willingness to try other options when things aren’t working, how many games KU is at least competitive in, and on how good a job Weis & Co can do in recruiting for next year. Based on the performance to date, any more wins from here on out will be manna from heaven.

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