Kansas Spring Game Attendance Stacks Up Nicely On A National Scale

Apr 28, 2012; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis watches during the first half of the Spring Game at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

Hope brought about by a new coach, good weather, a glance at changes to the program and perhaps the excitement surrounding a pair of quarterbacks added during the offseason. These are all great reasons why the Kansas spring game was well attended this year. As an optimistic football supporter I'd like to think the 15,000 reported fans spending a Saturday afternoon in Lawrence during the month of April shows that the fanbase wants to see and support a successful program.

Spring game attendances for BCS schools were compiled and releases by Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal and Kansas recorded an attendance in the top half of those holding a spring scrimmage. Charlie Weis and the Jayhawk program's 15,000 fans was actually enough to pull into a tie with recently departed Texas A&M. Kansas ranked ahead of several notable programs and fanbases although the attendance still trailed in state rival Kansas State. That's to be expected given what the Wildcats have coming back and the optimism in Manhattan.

Weis has made no secret that he is targeting the success at Kansas State as model for what can and should be done with the flagship University in the State of Kansas, so this is just another carrot to dangle out in front. All in all, it looks pretty good for Kansas and Weis in year one, but next spring Weis will be selling results and hope instead of just hope and that can be a little more difficult.

Ohio State 81,112 Iowa 15,000
Alabama 78,526 UCLA 13,000
Penn State 60,000 Washington 11,802
Texas 46,000 Oklahoma State 11,000
Arkansas 45,250 Washington State 10,713
Oregon 44,129 Wisconsin 10,479
Georgia 44,117 Miami 10,000
Auburn 43,427 California 8,812
Florida State 40,631 Virginia 8,500
Florida 38,000 Vanderbilt 8,500
South Carolina 34,513 West Virginia 8,000
Tennessee 34,421 Colorado 7,100
LSU 33,000 Connecticut 5,500
Notre Dame 31,582 Wake Forest 5,500
Clemson 28,000 Arizona State 5,142
Ole Miss 25,000 Stanford 5,000
Michigan 25,000 Arizona 5,000
North Carolina State 24,797 Iowa State 5,000
Mississippi State 22,604 Pittsburgh 4,607
Michigan State 21,000 Kentucky 4,500
Oklahoma 20,509 Virginia Tech 4,000
Missouri 18,614 Syracuse 3,716
Georgia Tech 18,125 Minnesota 3,500
Kansas State 18,048 Texas Tech 3,000
North Carolina 17,000 Illinois 3,000
USC 15,515 Baylor 2,750
Rutgers 15,000 Temple 2,500
Texas A&M 15,000 Maryland 2,000
Kansas 15,000 Oregon State 1,000
Louisville 15,000 Boston College 200

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