Debate Class, Madness Edition 2

Debate Class, take 2!-

5 Statements to debate from the second weekend of MADNESS! Once again, keep in mind that there are not necessarily the my own views, simply points to debate. Post your comments now to be cooler than other fans!

1: For the sake of argument, let’s call KU a defensive-oriented team and UNC an offensive-oriented team. When KU played UNC in the first half, they played UNC’s style of play, and hung with them. If KU were to switch styles and philosophy, they’d attract higher-rated prospects, while still winning.

2: Frank Martin’s replacement for the Kittycats will sustain/have more success than Frank did (ie, Frank left the cupboard stocked, and changed the culture enough that they’re set up for success)

3: In the initial meeting between KU and tOSU, AFH played a bigger factor than Sullinger’s absence in the result.

4: The difference in the game between KU and UNC was the switch to the Triangle-and-Two D.

5: What’s the best Domestic Non-Micro Brew? Regional brews allowed, but to put it in basketball terms, no mid-majors…stick with the Power Conferences for this one.

AFJayhawk’s Answers:

1: I’d say no to this one. KU has built this team around players that stick around, and have bought into the system. KU may have better luck landing higher-profile recruits, but not the ones that’ll win in the system, consistently.

2: I think Frank’s replacement might have a good year or two, but I don’t think the new hire will be able to stick around long-term. Yes, K-State isn’t top-tier right now, but it’s not exactly a program in decline. Frank left after taking this team to the NCAA’s 4 times in the last 5 years. Unless the new hire can meet or top that number after 5 years, (or 2 in 3 years, that kinda consistent level), I don’t see them having the patience to stick with someone who isn’t winning. They’ve tasted some success, and I think if the EMAW nation doesn’t keep getting some of that, they’ll start that revolving door in the coach’s office, and it only goes down from there. I think about the only thing they can do is get a young guy that they hope will stick around, and then hope he’s got some killer recruiting skills. Looking at their situation, makes me appreciate being a KU fan.

3: I’d have to say most KU fans would say this is true, while most tOSU fans would say it’s false. But, obviously, it’s a combination of the two because that’s how it went down. If tOSU had Sullinger at home, I think we have a very hard time winning that game. If it’s still at AFH and they have him, I think we ALWAYS have a shot to win there….against anyone.

4: I think this one is kinda true. The game was so back-and-forth until then, it really makes it look like that change was what won the game.

5: I’m sure this’ll raise eyebrows, but I think I might have to vote for Coors Extra Gold. Hard to find outside of Colorado or KS, but it’s not a micro-brew, and for me, it tastes like what you’d WANT a beer to taste like. Good flavor that doesn’t feel heavy or intrusive. It’s closest (I think) to Coor’s Banquet Beer, but I’m not a big fan of that one….odd. I’m getting that there’s gonna be a lot of people putting their opinions down as Yingling though.

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