Warden's Bracket Challenge 2012


We're going to spice this contest up a bit. As part of our 'Warden Bracket Challenge 2012', Northwestern Mutual has offered to award a prize pack to the our winner here at RCT if I just let you know about another contest they are doing on their Facebook page.

The Northwestern Mutual Lifelong Fan contest on Facebook, runs from now until March 21st. Here's what it's all about:

  • Fans will have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to being a "Lifelong Fan" by submitting a photo of themselves in their favorite team's NCAA gear
  • Four randomly selected winners will have their photo posted on a Times Square billboard and will also receive a $100 VISA debit card
  • The following week, Facebook users will be encouraged to vote for one of the Final Four® photos to decide who is the grand prize winner
  • The grand prize winner will receive a $500 VISA debit card
  • Fans can enter at the Northwestern Mutual Facebook page at

And again, the winner here will get a Northwestern Mutual March Madness prize pack, so check it out and get your picks in ASAP.

Full rules and description of Warden's(now Sax Solo's) Bracket Challenge 2012 after the jump.

Warden11 is too busy to run his Bracket Challenge this year, but it's too fun not to have one, so I'll officiate it.

What's the Bracket Challenge? It's a thrilling tournament pick 'em with simple rules:

  1. Pick 10 tournament teams.
  2. Each time one of your teams wins a game, you get points equal to their seed.
  3. Most points wins.

Do you pick the steady single digits, or go for the double-digit teams and hope for a couple wins? Your strategy is up to you; all you have to do is leave your picks in a comment here before Thursday's tipoff. Scoring updates will be posted in game day threads throughout the tournament.

The winner will bask in the universal admiration of RCT, and be named Pac-12 champion.

Note: For our purposes, the First Four games don't count as tournament games. So if you pick BYU, you won't get points for them beating Iona--and if BYU loses to Iona you wasted a pick on an ineligible team. It's okay to get a little fancy and pick, for example, "Winner of BYU/Iona" because that's a selection you could have made before the deadline.

Hall of Champions:

2009 Winner: hunter s. royal
2010 Winner: KCSince88
2011 Winner: tequilaprophet

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