First Fanpost for me this season

Okay boys and girls, first fanposting for me of the season, and I’m here, and I made sure to skip dinner tonight. Why? Because it’s time for me to eat crow. Lots of it. I done made myself a big error, and did it over, and over, and over again, for all to see. Tyshawn.

I’ll eat my crow, and like it too…because I can see what we’re missing now. He wasn’t a great traditional offensive PG, but he sure as *cough* was a freak of nature. Why I’m missing him now? Sure, he had a lot of turnovers, but I’m convinced there wasn’t a press in College Basketball that could beat him more than once in a game, because he’d just simply run past them. The guy could collect a rebound under the hoop, and toss in a layup at the other end of the court in 4 seconds. Imagine how fast that kid would be if he wasn’t smoking up? We’d probably be talking to the Physics department at KU to try and find lasers to track his speed.

In the half-court offense, once things settled down, normally, he could run the offense capably. When things broke down, unlike a traditional “great offensive” PG, he couldn’t find those infinitesimal seams to weave the ball to the player for the perfect look, but…he could also just say, “Screw you guys, I’m going the hoop” at a whim. I didn’t, and don’t like that, but it’s hard to sit back now and know we just can’t do that as a team anymore, and it was all TT.

I mean, you saw those couple plays during the Oreagon (sp…heh..heh..) St game where Releford “channeled his inner Tyshawn” and just blurred past people to the hoop? He can’t do that every play. He needs a lane or a seam, or some way to get there before someone steps in and turns him into a puddle of grease on the court. TT didn’t need a lane or a seam…he needed 3 molecules of space and a dream to convince him he could drive on anyone. Don’t get me started on The Prophet. All last year, he just seemed like the perfect guy…best combo of size and speed and quickness to not only take up TT’s throne, but to expand the empire. All he needed was confidence and a little more savvy. I haven’t seen EJ play this year where he doesn’t look like he just ate up a full Thanksgiving dinner, and is about to puke it all up. Knee? Sure. I sincerely hope it’s that, because that’ll heal. But I’ve grown to actually really really like this kid…and I don’t wanna see him fail this year, so I just hope we haven’t seen the peak of his abilities.

On the plus side, Withey looks like he’s improved in the offseason. My only question is this….do you give up the blocks and the rim protection for rebounds? I need one of those numbers and statistics freaks on this site to break it down and tell us which is a better use for our Monster inside…because if you ask him to rebound, his hands actually look fast enough this year to catch a few of them, and if you ask him to challenge, you get….this kinda new….strange…aggressive KU D. Oh, the guards are soft like my behind, but down low, there’s a cloud, a dark, dark cloud looming over the bucket, and I like to see that.

For instance, I just watched Baylor beat up on UK the other day, and throughout the game, I was watching shots that I honestly think that Withey might have blocked, or at least would have “altered beyond recognition”, and Noel wasn’t even close on them. He was swiping at air, well after the shot. That’s the difference between a Vet and a Freshman, and even if Withey’s numbers drop, he’s an asset to this team that I think you can build the team around. I just think that we’re gonna find out that last year was a statistical freak of nature as far as UK is concerned, and we might just understand how special Big Jeff is. As long as he keeps his hair cut….you know. Anti-Samson. When he lets it grow, he’s “turrible”.

And BMac, I don’t want to like him that much, because he’s not going to be around long. He got a semester of practices and work, and learned a lot, and now, I think it’s paying off. The problem is…his payday is coming soon if he improves or even just maintains. It’s a crappy world for “we the fans” when a player has to choose between millions in the draft, and a year to get better, learn, improve, and also…maybe show some warts and flaws, and devolve (see, PJ3 for Baylor). If we had BMac for 2 more years past this, I could see him being the best player in College. But, I think we’re in for 4 more months, and then we will have to say goodbye. I want him to improve, to show all he can do, but I also want him to stay and show that again, and again, and again, because no one watches the NBA D-League, or cares about what the subs do at the very ends of games or in blowouts. But for him, that could easily be a cool million or more. The risk doesn’t fit the reward for him to stay, and that makes me hate the system more than I would hate him. But I can also see why HCBS thinks he’s a talent, and a special player. He could be the difference between KU being a good team this year, or KU having the year we want from them.

Of course, I’m fully expecting the guards to come out in the next game and show they know we do play defense in basketball. HCBS will learn them up on that….it’s what he does. And we have a week until anything happens, so until then, keep me reading, tell me your thoughts, and let’s have some fun this year.

Oh yeah, I also noticed another site today., Looks like this cat, George Pike is starting up a new site for KU stuff. I will not abandon this place, and if you’re reading this, nor should you. But it’s a site for KU folks, and clicks are free on the internet, so check out what he says. You can even come back to here and comment on his stuff in fanposts. But, I haven’t seen a single comment on there yet, so I don’t think it’s a threat to this place, but there’s someone out there who cares enough about KU basketball to start up a new place. (For the record, I am NOT George Pike, and I don’t know him from Adam. I’m just letting people know there’s some articles out there they might want to see, and if not, I honestly don’t care what happens to that site. I post on here right now, because people read stuff on here, so that’s good enough for me.)

Stay Frosty, and hope EJ finds his mojo.


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