Richmond Fan Reaction

Watched the Richmond game tonight...gott im himmell.

Here’s what I “feel”....I have no stats to back this up, but this is my gut reaction (if you want stats, talk to Fetch or Owen or my mother, but I don’t like to break down teams like that) ((I like to read about it, but let those dudes do the work, we have better things to do, don’t we!!)):

We have had better teams. Last year, we had a better team than we do right now, I feel that way, I do. If the two teams played, I think TRob and TT beat the living hell out of the kids we got now. Mainly because Withey 4.0 is AMAZING, but only slightly better than Withey 3.0 at the end of last season’s campaign.

But the competition looks sparse at the moment. We’re talking some good teams here...Colorado...Belmont, Richmond....there should have been a game in there. I mean, Colorado was the Pac 12 Rep last year (yes, I know, sad), but I HATE “B” teams, so that includes Belmont, and Richmond has always gone well with my hatred of spiders. I ain’t scared of them, and I know they have a place in our eco-system, but the bastids will be squashed when they get in my grill. Done deal.

But, I sat through the game tonight thinking...honestly, “Is there a better team in the NCAA right now than KU?”. IU? Duke? Arizona? Florida? OSU? Michigan? Louisville? (notice, I didn’t, and won’t ever put Syracuse in on that list....they’re NOT that good until they ever play anyone after that do that, they can play someone good on the road. This team has been on coattails of the Melo team that I hate with venom for almost a decade. Did you hear....Boheim gets his 901st win vs Shawnee Mission HS, at the Carrier Dome! (Pundits consider that Shawnee Mission might have taken Syracuse if they weren’t on the road) GO JIM!). And I think that, right now, if you put KU up against all those guys in a short tourney, we would be the team to beat. Meaning, we should be scaring IU, Duke, Michigan, and the rest. And then we have this weekend to consider....

Will we beat OSU? Yes. I’m ready to say that if we play like we did tonight, we’d beat OSU by 10...and that means our starters go all the way. No one will say it. No one ever will. KU is “good” this year. Boy, it’s hard to see that, and I know it’s a short sample with 3 games, but no Self-coached team has ever seemed to be able to put ANYONE away...much less 3 in a row. And 3 teams I’d expect to be “sleepers” has to be good. HCBS is gonna hide it, but this team is good. REAL good,.

I know it’s hard to play front runner, especially when all the pundits and talking-heads at the major networks put KU somewhere between 6 and 12 in the rankings (to average at 9, one spot LOWER than last week??), but I do think that especially if you take out the garbage time play when we’ve got all 3 coaches sons in the game (don’t get me wrong, I love seeing them all on the floor, that means we had a good night!), take that out, and tell me KU isn’t playing the best pumpkin-ball in college sports at the moment.

Why? Withey is a Manimal. And he’s a smart Manimal too. I keep on watching him block shots, over and over, and over again, and each time, he’s not going crazy with them, he’s playing solid D, and THEN going for the block....and he’s getting them! His timing is insane, and honestly, I need to check numbers, but if he ends up getting more blocks than fouls in a season, there’s no way he shouldn’t be a POY contender.

BMac. I want BMac to struggle for a few games. I want him to find out that he’s “not” that he has some reason to COME BACK. I know, I know in my brain that he’s already as good as gone. And I can support that, because, he has already done his part for the program with practices and the team in the last year, but man, I want at LEAST 2 years of this kid, because he might be that special. He’s TT, off the ball, but a better shooter, with some insane instincts, and a better outside shot. That meaning, he’s fast, smart, and can shoot the lights of AFH out. He could be a short dynasty if he stays for another year.

EJ is my boy, has been for a long time. I posted about him last year, and I’ve been worried about him so far, but we’re fine a more important thoughts to consider...

Honestly...I can worry about next year with a non-polished big coming in, and I have to wonder about Tharpe’s PG ability....but...let’s take a step back. This team on the floor is AS good or BETTER than any team out there. Yes, that is homer talk, but prove it, position by position. Tell me that there’s another team in the NCAA that has a better team, top to bottom, than we do right now. Our best shooter is Andrew White, and he’s getting trash minutes. I say that again...OUR BEST SHOOTER isn’t a sub...he goes in when the subs are tired!

Some of you talk about HCBS, or NCHCBS, or’s FHOFNCWHCBS. I’ll add more letters as he gets better. It gets old adding stuff to that. Why he’s staying at KU is because of the fans, the kids that show up to every game. The fact that AFH is the BEST venue to watch a game ever. I mean, you can show up early, read the rules as they were written, by the guy that was the WORST KU coach in our history, for the game that we are the bluest of the blue bloods. And this is the year that we have a team, that is THAT good, that no one notices. Let’s just enjoy the ride...because, I think we’re in for a treat.


Post Script: For my mother....In Withey we trust, Elijah at the 1.

Post, Post Script: Withey would have had 2 more blocks tonight if he had a haircut...anti Samson rule is still in effect. It’s getting long, Jeff, cut it, and go with it. You remember when you had shaggy hair, and how bad that was....cut it, and you block the world. (By the way, did anyone else notice that he can discourage a shot by “standing up straight”, with his arms up, 30 feet from the hoop. He’s my Manimal of the month.).

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