Kansas vs. Kansas State: Inside the Numbers

Brett Deering - Getty Images

Reviewing the statistical side of the Jayhawks loss to Kansas State

The final score is obviously the most important number and recapping this game from a statistical standpoint really brings that point home. If you were to simply look at the box score, Kansas looks competitive in a lot of areas. Much of that is due to a solid first half, but even throughout the game the Jayhawks never really let this thing get out of hand from a statistical standpoint which is something that has happened often in the past. That's not to say that this provides any sort of moral victory, but it is interesting to look at.

24 - 22 - First downs by Kansas and Kansas State respectively

This one disguises the fact that Kansas State was rattling off HUGE gains at will and often this occurred in an instance where they were already given a short field. I suppose it's a positive that Kansas was able to move the ball for 24 first downs, but looking at the 22 number for Kansas State and thinking that we can draw any sort of positive from that number would just be foolish.

346 - Rushing yards for Kansas State

This is the number that absolutely crushes Kansas. The Jayhawks did well in several areas, but Bill Snyder is perfectly content running the football and he'll do it all day long. So with the Wildcats putting up so many yards on the ground this was obviously a game where they dominated time of possession right? Nope.

36:56 to 23:04 - Time of possession for Kansas and Kansas State respectively

K-State's 346 yards were gained in a hurry, as were their 56 points. Why?

9.4 YPC - K-State yards per rush

This is why. Pretty bad number. K-State averaged nearly a first down every time they touched the ball. Contrast that with the Jayhawks 3.6 YPC average and it's a huge disparity. Snyder was able to keep things pretty simple and still dismantle Kansas. I'm sure that's exactly how he likes it.

4.8 to 9.3 - Kansas and Kansas State yards per offensive play respectively

4.8 per play sounds pretty nice actually. That moves the ball. It just doesn't move the ball as far and as fast at 9.3 yards per play.

5 to 0 - Giveaways to Takeaways

This number finally got the better of us this week. Kansas had been pretty good in the turnover department but Dayne Crist really struggled in the second half of this one and Kansas State did what they do and played extremely disciplined mistake free football.

14 - Tackles by Kansas linebacker Ben Heeney

4 - Number of tackles by the next closest Kansas defender

10 - Tackles for a loss by a Kansas State defender

9 of 11 - 9 represents the number of drives where Kansas State put points on the board. 11 is the total number of drives. Pretty good conversion rate.

2 of 10 - The Jayhawk version

115 - Rushing yardage by James Sims

This is the best part of the Kansas offense. Sims plays with a lot of heart and he's the most reliable offensive weapon we have.

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