Kansas vs. Baylor: Depth Chart Review

Justin K. Aller

Taking a first look at the Baylor Bears depth chart ahead of Saturday's game against Kansas in Waco.

Kansas faces the Baylor Bears on Saturday, a team that currently sits 3-4 with an 0-4 Big 12 record. Both teams have struggled since the start of league play but Baylor has probably made the best argument with their offensive firepower. While the Jayhawks have improved defensively, Baylor has been able to put up points while the Jayhawk offense has struggled against some of the same opponents. It will be a tricky matchup for Kansas as Art Briles will certainly stress to his team that this game presents a pretty big opportunity to get back on track for the Bears.


WR 2 TERRANCE WILLIAMS (6-2, 205, SR.) - Teams leading receiver with over 1000 yards and 9 TD's
5 Antwan Goodley (5-10, 220, So.)

IR 16 TEVIN REESE (5-10, 165, JR.)
7 Darryl Stonum (6-2, 195, Sr.)

RT 75 TROY BAKER (6-6, 300, SO.)
19 Pat Colbert (6-5, 275, RFr.)

RG 71 CAMERON KAUFHOLD (6-4, 310, SR.)
70 Jake Jackson (6-3, 305, Sr.)

C 78 IVORY WADE (6-4, 310, SR.) - 40 career starts, anchors the offensive line.
54 Stephan Huber (6-4, 295, Jr.)

LG 68 CYRIL RICHARDSON (6-5, 335, JR.)
67 Desmine Hilliard (6-4, 320, RFr.

LT 58 SPENCER DRANGO (6-6, 310, RFR.)
77 Kelvin Palmer (6-4, 290, Jr.)

TE 18 JORDAN NAJVAR (6-6, 260, JR.)
45 Matt Ritchey (6-3, 240, So.)

IR 42 LEVI NORWOOD (6-1, 190, SO.)
23 Clay Fuller (6-1, 210, So.)

WR 3 LANEAR SAMPSON (5-11, 205, SR.)
7 Darryl Stonum (6-2, 195, Sr.)

QB 11 NICK FLORENCE (6-1, 205, SR.) - Mobile quarterback with starting experience from RGIII's injury year.
14 Bryce Petty (6-3, 235, So.)

RB 21 JARRED SALUBI (5-9, 210, SR.) - Teams leading rusher.
25 Lache Seastrunk (5-10, 205, So.)

UB 8 GLASCO MARTIN (6-1, 220, JR.) - Complimentary back, leads team in rushing TD's.

Offensively the Bears aren't really skipping a beat following the loss of RGIII. Yes there is always going to be some adjustment and you could probably argue talent level here and there, but as a whole they can still score and Nick Florence is a very capable replacement for Griffin having played in past seasons. Honestly, it's a tough matchup. Baylor has the athletes to spread it out and exploit Kansas the way Big 12 teams have done in past years. The one bright spot is the fact that this is more of a second half team. If Kansas can get a few stops early, shorten the game and then weather the second half storm by keeping the defense fresh, then maybe, just maybe they can make this competitive into the fourth. However, on the road, a mobile quarterback and an athletic group of skilled players makes this a potentially more difficult matchup then Texas.


RE 31 CHRIS MCALLISTER (6-2, 255, JR.)
90 Javonte Magee (6-4, 260, Fr.)

NG 76 NICK JOHNSON (6-2, 295, SR.)
95 Beau Blackshear (6-4, 290, RFr.)

DT 10 GARY MASON JR. (6-4, 265, SR.)
98 Trevor Clemons-Valdez (6-3, 285, RFr.)

LE 11 TERRANCE LLOYD (6-3, 235, JR.)
92 Jamal Palmer (6-2, 235, Fr.)

WLB 5 EDDIE LACKEY (6-0, 220, JR.)
15 Brody Trahan (5-11, 250, Jr.)

MLB 26 RODNEY CHADWICK (6-1, 240, SR.)
44 Bryce Hager (6-1, 235, So.) - Teams leading tackler

NB 6 AHMAD DIXON (6-0, 210, JR.) - Second leading tackler
1 Prince Kent (6-3, 220, Jr.)

CB 9 CHANCE CASEY (5-11, 185, SR.)
7 Darius Jones (5-11, 190, Jr.)

DS 25 SAM HOLL (6-1, 200, JR.)
35 Jemarcus Johnson (6-1, 175, RFr.)

CS 17 MIKE HICKS (5-11, 200, SR.) -
13 Terrell Burt (5-8,170, Fr.) OR
21 Josh Wilson (6-0, 195, Sr.)

CB 22 JOE WILLIAMS (5-9, 190, JR.) - Top corner
4 Tuswani Copeland (5-10, 170, So.) OR
18 Xavien Howard (6-0, 180, Fr.)

Defensively Baylor hasn't been the most impressive unit. They have struggled in a big way during Big 12 play and while in the case of Kansas it's usually the offense letting down the defense, the Baylor defense is really letting down the offense. Obviously the team isn't going to frame it in those terms, but all you have to do is look at the scoring output from Baylor and it's very apparent that they shouldn't lost. The bad news for Kansas is that they are, as expected, slightly better at home. In fact they are an average of 18 points better at home in terms of holding down an opposing offense.

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