Kansas vs. Kansas State: Wildcat Depth Chart Breakdown

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

An early look at the Kansas State Wildcat depth chart ahead of this weekends matchup with he Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas heads down the road to Manhattan for the schools 110th meeting against in state rival Kansas State. Unfortunately Kansas hasn't been on the good side of this series over the last twenty years and heading into this one as a three touchdown underdog doesn't bode well for this weeks contest. Kansas State is solid across the board defensively and they boast one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league in Collin Klein. This week presents a huge challenge for Charlie Weis and Kansas. If the Jayhawk program hopes to reach the level that Kansas State has attained, they'll need to start by making this a competitive contest on the road.


WR 3 Chris Harper (6-1, 234, Sr.-2L) - Wichita product started his career at Oregon, converted QB.
88 Torell Miller (6-2, 214, Jr.-2L)

LT 78 Cornelius Lucas (6-9, 324, Jr.-2L) - First year starter on the offensive line
64 Tomasi Mariner (6-3, 329, So.-1L)

LG 55 Cody Whitehair (6-3, 300, Fr.-RS) - Kansas native, first year starter.
50 Nick Puetz (6-4, 304, Sr.-1L)

C 66 B.J. Finney (6-4, 303, So.-1L) - Walk on, second year starter, first team freshman all American last year.
61 Drew Liddle (6-3, 288, So.-SQ)

RG 79 Keenan Taylor (6-1, 290, Jr.-2L) - Five career starts
71 Ethan Douglas (6-6, 319, Sr.-1L)

RT 73 Tavon Rooks (6-5, 272, Jr.-TR) - JUCO transfer, started all but the opening game this year.
55 Cody Whitehair (6-3, 300, Fr.-RS)

TE 80 Travis Tannahill (6-3, 253, Sr.-3L) - Preseason All Big 12, solid contributor in run blocking and as a receiver.
85 Zach Trujillo (6-4, 236, So.-1L)

QB 7 Collin Klein (6-5, 226, Sr.-3L) - Heisman candidate, he's in the discussion if this continues.
4 Daniel Sams (6-2, 204, Fr.-RS) OR
15 Sam Johnson (5-11, 215, So.-SQ)

FB 37 Braden Wilson (6-4, 256, Sr.-3L) - Smith Center Kansas native. NFL caliber fullback.
89 Zach Nemechek (6-3, 249, So.-1L)

RB 33 John Hubert (5-7, 191, Jr.-2L) - 2nd in the Big 12 in rushing yardage to date. Preseason all Big 12
8 Angelo Pease (5-11, 215, Sr.-1L)

WR 16 Tyler Lockett (5-11, 175, So.-1L) - KSU legacy, another great player development story.
14 Curry Sexton (5-11, 180, So.-1L)

WR 86 Tramaine Thompson (5-8, 167, Jr.-2L) - KSU leading receiver to date.
81 Kyle Klein (6-3, 210, Fr.-RS)

If you want to see a prime example of what Bill Snyder does well, look at the offensive line. That is a group that has been pieced together this year and they have very little if any experience coming into the season. BJ Finney is the most experienced player and he was a walk on that worked his way into freshman all American status last year. Everyone else is new to the party and the Wildcat offense is plugging along as good as ever.


DE 42 Meshak Williams (6-3, 245, Sr.-1L) - Preseason 1st team All Big 12, 7 sacks in 2011.
44 Ryan Mueller (6-1, 240, So.-1L)

DT 96 John Sua (6-0, 294, Sr.-1L) - First year starter on the defensive line
99 Javonta Boyd (6-2, 297, Sr.-1L)

DT 92 Vai Lutui (6-2, 299, Sr.-1L) - JUCO DT that was an immediate starter and difference maker in 2011.
95 Travis Britz (6-4, 290, Fr.-HS)

DE 55 Adam Davis (6-0, 247, Sr.-1L) - Preseason All Big 12, speed off the edge.
94 Alauna Finau (6-1, 245, Jr.-TR)

SLB 2 Justin Tuggle (6-3, 237, Sr.-1L) OR - Tuggle is really coming on this year, moved from QB
26 Jarell Childs (6-2, 230, Sr.-3L)

MLB 4 Arthur Brown (6-1, 231, Sr.-1L) - Turns out he is a damn good player as expected.
53 Blake Slaughter (5-10, 227, Sr.-3L)

WLB 50 Tre Walker (6-3, 225, Jr.-2L) - In our infinite wisdom we never went after this one from Olathe North
21 Jonathan Truman (5-11, 214, So.-1L)

CB 3 Allen Chapman (5-11, 176, Sr.-1L) - Started the last 2 games in 2011, first four in 2012.
19 Carl Miles, Jr. (5-11, 181, Jr.-SQ)

SS 23 Jarard Milo (6-2, 197, Jr.-1L) - Walk on transfer from a CC, now he's a starter.
5 Thomas Ferguson (6-0, 202, Sr.-3L)

FS 12 Ty Zimmerman (6-1, 203, Jr.-2L) - Team captain, two time All Big 12 selection.
29 Kent Gainous (6-1, 190, Jr.-TR)

CB 24 Nigel Malone (5-10, 180, Sr.-1L) - JUCO transfer, 7 ints in 2011 and one of the top DB's in the Big 12
15 Randall Evans (6-0, 190, So.-1L) OR
7 Kip Daily (5-11, 181, Jr.-RS)

Once again Bill Snyder is piecing together a solid defense with players from all different backgrounds. You have players converted from other positions, players exceeding expectations and junior college additions that have instantly impacted the game. Lutui, Tuggle, Brown, Zimmerman and Malone are all VERY solid playmakers.

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