Realignment Survivor

Assume the following:

1. OSU and OU to the Pac 10

2. Pitt and Cuse to the ACC

3. Conferences are scrambling to get the best combination of teams in their conference

Let's meet the competition.

I've tried to be as unbiased as possible and think these are all pretty easily defensible scores.  What I'm not sure of is how to come up with the math that the ACC, Big 10 and P10 would use to come up with their invite lists.  I am even more confident after looking at this list that we're in great shape for whichever conference.


Size of Market Interest of Market Football Basketball Academics Enrollment Endowment AAU
Cincinnati B 2.1m  A C B+ C 31k 937m No
Uconn C 1.2m B C A B 21k 255m No
Louisville C 1.3m A C A- C 15k 600m No
Rutgers A+ 20+m F C D B 28k 640m Yes
West Virginia C- 150k A B+ B+ C 30k 406m No
Missouri A 5m C A B B 33k 975m Yes
Kansas B 2.2m A C A+ B 30k 1005m Yes
Kansas St D (?) B B B- C 23k 278m No
Iowa St C+ 562k A C B- B 28k 867m Yes
Baylor A 6.5m F C B- B+ 14k 872m No
Texas Tech C- 275k B B C C- 32k 775m No
Texas A 7.25m A A A- A 40k 14000m Yes
TCU A 6.5m C B+ C- B+ 8k 1100m Yes

Some Notes:

  1. Rutgers could lay claim to New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Pretty massive population wise. Not that many folks around there care about college sports in general much less Rutgers specifically but they're really in the middle of a LOT of TVs
  2. On the other side of the coin is Silo Tech. I tried not to get too cute with population numbers, giving Missouri both St. Louis and KC though they could claim at most 30% of KC and 50% of StL. TVs are what matters and they probably deliver the conference network in both cities. Now KSU, what markets do they bring?
  3. The 'academics' was general and based on perception. I just divided it into Great, Respected, Not thought of, and thought of poorly.  I'm sure you can get a stellar education at any of the schools on the list.

So the name of the game is you need 4 teams to get to 16 in the B1G, 3 in the SEC, 2 in the PAC and 2 in the ACC. Did I miss any schools that could be considered?  I'd put BYU on the list but their only viable conference option is kind of a non-starter.

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