The Bill Self Tournament Talk or Where I Finally Snapped

I just have to vent because I'm so f'n sick of this.  This is a note to anyone who questions Bill Self as Kansas basketball coach and his tournament record.

I think that by in large, most KU fans see this for what it is.  But I'm just so tired of this questioning Bill Self.
Do people not see how fucking hard it is to win this damn tournament? 

Don't be arrogant.  We have one of the best college basketball coaches in the country.  You don't just go to Final Fours every year.  Have you watched this tournament before or has it just been since Coach Self has taken over at KU?  Don't be that fan, don't be that KU fan that everyone is embarrassed by.

When questioning Bill Self, a lot of people like to talk about his tournament record.  Well honestly, as a KU fan one thing we can say is, who really gives a shit about your tournament record?  Yeah, the first and second round exits hurt, but in the end we don't care unless we win the whole damn thing!  We just think it hurts worse because all the envious fans of what we have in a program take every chance they can get to cut us down.  This isn't because we aren't good, it's because we fucking rule!  They wish they had what we have and so it makes them feel better.  To me, 2003 and the loss to Syracuse in the National Championship still hurts way worse than the loss to Bucknell in the first round.  If you don't feel the same way, explain to me why and I'll definitely hear you out.

A lot of people like to bring up Coach K and his successes.  Why not?  He's one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history at one of the top 5 programs in college basketball.  Coach K has won 4 National Championships in 30 years of coaching.  30 years. 30 years!  This sums it up to me on how much bs it is to question Bill Self's time at Kansas:

The most recent member of the "Four or More Titles" club is Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski. "Coach K" led the Blue Devils to back-to-back Division I National Championships in 1991 and 1992. Krzyzewski and Duke would not win another title until 2001, and then suffered another nine-year drought before winning their most recent title in 2010. "Coach K" is currently the only active Division I coach with at least 4 National Championships under his belt.


'91 and '92.  We know that the early 90's were a special time for the Duke program and college basketball as a whole.  But after that magical run, Duke didn't win another one for 9 more years!  Then, they waited another 9 years to win another!  We just won a title in 2008.  

Is this your first time watching this tournament?  The ball wouldn't go in, we shot horribly from the field, the line, and the referees wanted to play Fairy God Mother to Cinderella.  These are things that no coach, anywhere, can control!


So I want to say that if you made it through this rant, thank you for reading.  I also want to say that if you disagree with me, please tell me why.  Please, logically give me reasons why you think I'm wrong, and in fact, Bill Self is not a good coach.  I'd like to have the discussion if you legitimately believe it, and I'd like to have the opportunity to discuss with you why I think you're wrong.

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