Did Colorado get hosed?

Not necessarily a KU topic, I know, but Colorado's omission from the Tournament has been a major point of contention across all media today, both local and national.  Since they are (for a few more weeks) a fellow Big 12 school, I decided to put together all the numbers for the last teams in, plus Colorado, to see how badly CU got shafted.

I looked at a few different measures to compare some of the other questionable selections to the Buffs.  The last column is an average ranking taking into account the Sagarin, RPI, and KenPom rankings...

Team                  W-L     Conf W-L     Sagarin      RPI    KenPom     Average
Clemson           21-11        9-7               42            57         24                 41      
Penn St.            19-14        9-9                45            39         39                 41
Michigan St.      19-14       9-9                37            45         41                 41
Michigan           20-13        9-9                38            52         40                 43
UAB                    22-8         12-4              53            31         56                 47
Colorado           21-13       8-8                49            65         49                 54
USC                   19-14       10-8              62            67         44                 58
VCU                    23-11      12-6              77            49         84                 70

Even if you throw out the RPI, which many would like to, there really isn't an extraordinary case for the Buffs over anyone but VCU (how the hell did they make it in?).  The main argument for CU seems to be that they have more "signature wins" than anyone else.  In the end, though, I'm not sure a few extra high-profile victories should overrule the numbers.  I'll put the question to everyone else...did Colorado really get screwed the way people are saying they did?

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