Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.29.11

Kansas Football

Coaching Search 2011: 5:08 p.m. - Zenger meets with KU players; talks about correcting problems | Tale of the Tait | KUsports.com
Latest throughout the day yesterday from Tait. It feels like we could be in for a wild ride with a relatively quick conclusion hopefully.

Football man to make KU’s football hire - KansasCity.com
This seems to be something working very much in our favor this go around. Sounds like there were plenty of coaches that were a bit leery of Lew Perkins during the last go around.

Austin Meek: Despite predictable protests, Gill had ample time | CJOnline.com
definitely ample time to show improvement and it never showed.

Timing right for Mike Leach | KUsports.com
Keegan on Leach

Brock Berglund sad to see Turner Gill go | KUsports.com
More focus on the QB that hasn't been on campus. Here's the thing, we know the QB position needs an upgrade so I hope whoever we get can either find a way to get Berglund's house in order or has a back up plan in mind. That or they better be phenomenal at developing QB talent and take Webb to another level somehow.

KU football turns eye to future | KUsports.com
Seems to be a lot of support from the players for the former staff. But most seem to understand that results are a necessity. We just need to get the right person in to shift that motivation.

Kansas Basketball

Thomas Robinson named Big 12 player of the week | KUsports.com
Big week in Maui for Robinson. Should be a fun year to watch him step into the forefront of the conversation.

NCAA College Basketball Polls, College Basketball Rankings, NCAA Basketball Polls - ESPN
Big jump for the Missouri Tigers up to #13. Kansas stays steady at #14.

Tyshawn Taylor: Turnovers fixable | KUsports.com
Yep...the turnovers sucked a bit.

College Football

Is Ohio State ready for a rock-star coach? - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Does the way Meyer left, returned then left Florida only to take the OSU job just one season later change anyone's opinion of him from a legacy standpoint? I guess feel like it does a bit at the moment, maybe if he sticks around Columbus for a while he can regain that mystique in my eyes.

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