Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.12.11

Warden's jumped into the SB Nation clipping tool action and will be helping to flag articles along with me every day for the news and notes section.  That said the news and notes should continue to cover more Kansas, more Big 12 and more sports topics in general so be sure to check below the jump as there will often be a few beyond the front page that you'll want to dive into.  One stop shopping.  Who doesn't like it?

Kansas Basketball

KU’s streak of conference titles is a remarkable feat - KansasCity.com

No team since John Wooden and UCLA in the 70's has accomplished six. Didn't know that and makes me want to talk about it every chance I get.

City prosecutor reveals details of Mario Little's diversion agreement | KUsports.com

Some further clarification to the Mario Little situation. I guess I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like this is something that would have happened oh say six months ago. I guess what I mean is that the transparency is good to see. No one is perfect, if something happens address it, be forthcoming with information and take steps to fix it. This feels like it was handled well. Although I'm sure some with different loyalties won't agree.

Little will have to find a way to fit in with Jayhawks - KansasCity.com

The ever important question of chemistry once again surfaces. How does Little fit in and can this team find the right fit.

KU’s real test starts now | KUsports.com

Keegan looks at the schedule so far and points out what I think we all know and that's the fact that this is when the important part of the season begins. Non-Conference is fun, I wouldn't want to wait until January for basketball altogether, but it doesn't serve near the purpose that the games beginning tonight do.

Can Hoiberg find Hilton magic tonight? | KUsports.com

Bedore takes a look at the Mayor and Hilton Magic. If you weren't around or don't remember Fred Hoiberg from his days at Iowa State, he was a stud. One of my favorite all time opponents and the reason I have a soft spot for the Cyclones are him and the teams he played on. I still to this day have the entire team autograph along with Okie Light's Big Country team from when the two faced off in the BIg 8 Championship game in Kansas City. Those are some great memories.

KU boasts 15-0 record | CJOnline.com

"Ups are blowout wins. Downs are close wins. Losses are utter fiascoes." Seems like a fitting quote and a good perspective on the expectations at Kansas. I love it, it's how it should be and I love it even more that Bill Self embraces it and in turn the entire program embraces it.

Big 12/Texas/ESPN and BCS Title Talk After The Jump...

Big 12

ESPN, University of Texas 'very close' to forming Longhorns TV channel

It appears that ESPN: Texas is about finished. An extra $10 million a year for the Longhorns has been reported. Thoughts?

BCS Title Talk

Take the Michael Dyer Rorschach test: Was Auburn's BCS hero down? - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

Dr. Saturday offers a nice example of a player being called down in almost the exact same situation. Putting on my stripes, I say the refs made the right call.

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