Why KU Will Beat Baylor

Ah the Baylor Bears. The team I once hung 120 on in NCAA Football 2005 with an offense that featured an early version of the Wildcat (I'm a visionary!) with Charles Gordon at QB. The Big 12's favorite whipping boy (in football at least). KU is going to beat Baylor this weekend. Why? Because Baylor sucks. Always have and always will. Much more than we do even (thats kind of sad). Lets dive in.

Everyone keeps saying "this will be a tough test for KU because its on the road." On the road? Going to Norman is playing "on the road." This is going to Waco Texas. Check out Baylor's eye-popping attendance numbers:
2004: 30,856 (wow)
2005: 38,899 (almost got to 40,000!)
2006: 37,080
2007: 34,378
2008: 34,124
2009: 34,693

I'm willing to bet some of these numbers (or all of them) are inflated by opposing team's fans traveling to the game. Then again, who would want to travel to Waco?
Tee hee. Look at the bear go pee pee!

Slow down Grad. Baylor has some die-hard fans. Look at this guy!6a00e553e551d18834010536033251970b-500wi_medium
When he isn't pretending to be a statue on the streets of Paris, this party animal takes it all in at a Baylor game. Look at those crowded stands behind him too. You can tell he is having a lot of fun watching the 69-0 beatdown Oklahoma is laying on his team with mom and dad in the stands. "BRIAN SMILE! WAVE! YOU LOOK SO CUTE!"

So KU is not up against some terrorizing crowd. Southern Mississippi already gave them their biggest and baddest road environment. We will probably encounter more opposing fans at home against KState next week.

Speaking of Baylor and not being good, try going to The guy who ran this site felt so bad for the Bears that he took down his site and quoted Ghandi. Geez. KU is one of the most hated schools in the Big 12 and I like it that way. Why? People are jealous of our success (KState fans nod their heads while vicously crying and attacking a Cole Aldrich poster), our good looking women (which, remember, helped us beat Georgia Tech) and our awesome blog. Baylor is so sad just don't hate them. You just feel bad for them.
Also, check out the Baylor Sucks facebook page: It has a whooping 24 members. LOOK OUT! The author of the page asks "Theres a lot of UT and A&M haters out there, but are there any Baylor haters? REPRESENT" Wow dude you are so cool. It was made by Texas Tech people too...

There you have it. KU is going to roll into town and win. After I found the Achilles Heel in Georgia Tech, I have done so again with the Baylor Bears. I'm confident we will roll into mighty Waco and win this one. Spoken

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