Big 12 Media Days: Missouri

For my money, this is the team to beat in the North.  Last year the Tigers were inexperienced after turning over one of their better classes in history.  This year they return a good amount of experience from a year ago, most importantly at the quarterback position. 

Gary Pinkel continues to struggle with his clock management as the Tigers were late to media day, but nonetheless they did make it to the show.

I expect him(Gabbert) to up his game with the experience factor. I don't think you -- you know, the position requires -- you have to deal with pressure. That's just the way the position is. We know that. But I think your focus is not on the pressure. Your focus is on playing the best. And I think that I expect him to have a really good year.  He has a chance to be a great player, and we're excited about him getting going this year.

Derrick Washington is another proven weapon offensively who will look to return to his form from two years ago.  If he can rebound from a slower season in 2009, Washington can do a great deal to relieve some of the pressure that will rest on Gabbert's shoulders.

He's much quicker. It's all about quickness and movement. He's a lot quicker guy than he was this past year, and expect that to help him play at a higher level.

 No doubt the Tigers will keep a watchful eye on the defense early on.  Like the Jayhawks, the Tigers struggled in defending the pass.

The secondary? I think we're excited about it. We got a lot of players back. I think we have to obviously play a little
better than we did a year ago, but I think we have a lot of good athletes, and we have more experience than we've had. I think a combination of both those things will give us a chance to play well. Obviously, that's our goal.

The Tigers definitely do return experience, but this isn't exactly a ringing endorsement from the head man.  Is returning a large chunk of the defensive backfield a good thing?

The Worst Things That Could Happen to Mizzou in 2010.

  1. Jared Crick continues the tradition of a Nebraska defender rolling up on Gabbert's ankle.
  2. Gary Pinkel misses the opening kick by 10 minutes due to a scheduling mix up.
  3. The leaner, quicker Derrick Washington doesn't bounce back to '08 form or even late '09 form.
  4. A&M derails the early season momentum with another win over Mizzou by the South.
  5. Kansas...Border War...loss...(Although I have to say I think MU is going to be very good)
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