Bracketology and the Big XII

I was just looking at Lunardi's newest Bracketology and the matchups:

KU, Syracuse, K-State and Kentucky are the #1 seeds.  Our bracket doesn't look too bad (#2 Purdue, #3 Pittsburgh and #4 Tennessee).  I'd love another crack at Tennessee.  If the #1 seeds play out (which I doubt will happen), KU would face Syracuse in the Final Four before a national championship game against the K-State/Kentucky winner (my money would be on K-State beating Kentucky).  KU's bracket is the only one I see playing to form.  But the other brackets are interesting...

K-State has a pretty easy sled to the Sweet 16 (a second round game against the Marquette-Cal winner), and a Sweet 16 between K-State and Maryland would be a great game.


A Kentucky-Northern Iowa round 2 would be a fascinating game.  The second half of their bracket, though, is pretty easy (Georgetown/Cornell and BYU/Kent State).  Honestly, the team that could give them the most trouble would be the winner of the Georgetown/Cornell game (with Greg Monroe down low for Georgetown and Cornell's defense).

Missouri, as the #7 seed in Kentucky's bracket also could give Georgia Tech fits the first round and Villanova in the second.  Frankly, that whole bottom bracket is a hot mess (Xavier/St. Mary's vs Ohio State/Sam Houston State and Missouri/Georgia Tech vs Villanova/Morgan State) Could we see Missouri/Kentucky in the Elite Eight?

Syracuse has a very tough road.  Their second round game would be against the Oklahoma State/Wake Forest winner (OSU going away).  OSU/Syracuse would be a terrific game, and I'd take OSU by a hair if they play like they did against KU.  Texas A&M would face Notre Dame, then the winner of the Vandy/Weber State game.  Frankly, I'd take the Vandy/A&M winner over anyone in the bottom of that bracket (Duke/Troy and UNLV/UTEP).  I might even take UTEP as an upset over Duke (with Derrick Caracter making a grand reappearance).

So, at this point, given Lunardi's bracket, I would not be surprised to see five teams from the Big XII in the Sweet Sixteen (I think Texas either loses to Old Dominion in the first game or gets swamped by Purdue in Round 2 and Baylor beating Florida in Round 1 and losing to West Virginia in Round 2).

A Big XII Homerish Elite Eight:

Midwest: #1 Kansas vs #2 Purdue


South: #8 Oklahoma State vs #6 Texas A&M


West: #1 Kansas State vs. #3 West Virginia


East: #1 Kentucky vs #7 Missouri

Granted, I've never been good at Bracketology, but I really see the Big XII having some pretty good matchups all the way to Elite Eight.

But wouldn't it be great to fluster everyone on the East Coast with an all-Big XII Final Four????

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