Ranking the Conferences with KenPom

With March approaching and teams starting to fight for seeds and bubble spots, I figured it would be a good time to take a look at the conferences.  Hopefully this also gives us KU fans some more ammunition when arguing for the #1 overall seed on Selection Sunday.  In an effort to save some headaches and time for me, I only took the six major conferences into consideration (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, SEC, and PAC 10).  Using Ken Pomeroy's rankings, I charted all of the teams and found the average rank for the entire conference and the average for the top 10 teams in each conference.  Top 10 teams were used for two reasons:

  1. The different number of teams in each conference, I wanted a consistent way to judge the conferences.
  2. Using the top 10 allows us to ignore some of the bottom feeders that drag down the average (ie LSU ranked 208). 

Big 12   SEC   Big 10   Big East   ACC   Pac 10  
Kansas 1 Kentucky 8 Wisconsin 5 Syracuse 3 Duke 2 California 17
Kansas St 9 Vanderbilt 20 Purdue 6 West Virginia 4 Maryland 10 Arizona State 35
Texas 13 Tennessee 26 Ohio St 12 Villanova 11 Clemson 19 Washington 45
Missouri 14 Miss St 37 Michigan St 25 Georgetown 15 Virginia Tech 22 Southern Cal 60
Baylor 16 Ole Miss 41 Minnesota 42 Marquette 18 Georgia Tech 23 Arizona 75
Texas A&M 36 Florida 47 Illinois 44 Pittsburgh 28 Florida State 24 Washington St 98
Oklahoma St 59 Alabama 69 Michigan 67 Louisville 38 Wake Forest 33 Stanford 102
Texas Tech 81 South Carolina 79 Northwestern 70 UConn 49 Virginia 50 UCLA 116
Nebraska 84 Georgia 90 Penn St 107 South Florida 63 Miami 57 Oregon 127
Iowa St 85 Arkansas 94 Indiana 133 Seton Hall 64 North Carolina 61 Oregon State 151
Colorado 88 Auburn 105 Iowa 137 Notre Dame 73 Boston College 65    
Oklahoma 89 LSU 208     Cincinatti 74 NC State 80    
Average 48 Average 69 Average 59 Average 58 Average 37 Average 83
Top 10 Average 40 Top 10 Average 51 Top 10 Average 51 Top 10 Average 29 Top 10 Average 30 Top 10 Average 83


Final ranks using the entire conference:

1. ACC

2. Big 12

3. Big East

4. Big 10

5. SEC

6. PAC 10

and ranks using only the top 10 teams:

1. Big East

2. ACC

3. Big 12

4/5 Big 10/SEC

6. PAC 10

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