Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.30.10

That's why you schedule UT Arlington after a week off for Christmas break.  If you're feeling a little sluggish, you can usually manage to escape and get some good butt chewing material for the final stretch of practice/games before conference play. 

Kansas Basketball

Releford carves his niche | KUsports.com

Keegan echoes what was discussed in the open tread and postgame, Releford seems like a player that gets it. He understands what Bill Self wants and he seems to be coachable in that respect and gives maximum effort. He's just a redshirt sophomore and he'll be around two more seasons after this. I'd expect his role to become bigger down the line.

Marcus Morris' Removal From Kansas Jayhawks Starting Lineup Makes No Sense - SB Nation Kansas City

An interesting perspective on McMorris and his move to the bench. I myself don't recall Thomas Robinson's initial incident with Jorge as described in the article, but I do recall the follow up scuffle with coaches on the court and I didn't quite see Robinson's role in that the same as Conner does. It was a chippy game, stupid decisions were made but I don't think Bill Self has to justify why he made the decision. McMorris acted in a way that warranted ejection. At no point did Robinson do the same and Robinson didn't "make" McMorris take that course of action. "Dog and Pony", not in my book but I'm sure the opinions vary.

New KU lineup whips UT-Arlington | CJOnline.com

Tully pegs the two new starters as spark plugs and I couldn't agree more. It is interesting to read the rest of the recap because it is a decidedly more positive summary than my own reaction from just after the game. Again, it's entirely possible that my expectations are far too high, but I think we might find plenty in our fanbase with a very similar viewpoint.

Kansas Football

Juco offensive-line recruit Bo Adams won’t come to KU after all | KUsports.com

Looks like we won't be getting a little extra added depth at semester as expected. Despite this tidbit of bad news, Jayhawkslant is confirming that Brock Berglund will be here for sure at semester which is HUGE.

More football after the jump...

Darrell Wyatt linked to Texas? | KUsports.com

This would be a blow. Wyatt is a very big part of the recruiting efforts for Kansas and when your name get's linked to Texas you must be well thought of. It will be interesting to see what happens here. It would be great if we could keep Wyatt around for another year or two.

Harbaugh won’t bite on questions about Stanford future | CollegeFootballTalk

A little over a year ago we thought this might be the guy coming to Kansas. It's impossible not to wonder how the season might have been different or the same this year with him. That said, I don't think his draw to Kansas would have been such that he would have been around long at all. It may have been a one year run and if we go 3-9 and a coach bails for another job, we're in a bad way. Harbaugh get's tied to any and every job these days, in the end I think things probably turned for the better in this instance.

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