Who are you? Best Single Game Performances Against KU

    Tyler Honeycutt? Whatever. Dude was in a tree all night. Seriously, he didn't miss. I'm talking 33 points, 5-6 from three (attempted a whooping 30 threes ALL OF LAST SEASON). Hand in his face? Didn't matter? Standing next to him when he shoots a three? Four point play.

It made me think, what are some of the most impressive yet rediculous performances against KU recently? By recently I mean in the last few years, not back when Airplanes had three wings stacked on top of each other (aka when Rivet was in school). The performances had to come in a KU loss or close victory. I mean, who cares if someone drops 30 on us if we win by like 50?

Tyler Honeycutt
After averaging 7 ppg as a frosh, Honeycutt started out his sophomore year strong, averaging 17 ppg entering the contest against KU. What came next though, was silly: 33 points on 11-15 shooting, 5-6 from three, and add 9 rebounds and 4 assists for good measure. He calmly hit an NBA range three to tie it up before the controversial foul on Itsa Mea Mario Little which gave KU the win. This coming from a cat who shot 34% his freshman year from downtown. A fluke showing, or a breakout game from a star in the making? I'm leaning towards the later. Stay tuned.

Marchello Vealy
The Oral Roberts guard, who averaged around 5 ppg in his career, went off on the Jayhawks in a game that literally made me break my TV remote and try to fight my neighbor. Vealy went off for 22 against KU, making three after three late to give the Porn Stars the win. The worst part? He was a horrible marksman, making less than 25% of his threes two of his three years at ORU. The lost would be one of the most embarrasing in Self's career, as KU was ranked third in the nation at the toime.

Quote from a teammate: "This is a big day for our university. I knew we had a bunch of good players, but Marchello Vealy -- nobody knew he was going to come in here and shoot like that tonight."
Oral Roberts? ORAL ROBERTS????

James Anderson, Chipmunk Paige, Matt Pilgrim, all of Okie State
In KU's only Big 12 loss of 2009, KU got blitzed by an average Okie Light team that saw every member of its team have a career night. Anderson poured in 27 points, however that was to be expected from the Big 12's leading scorer. The rest of Okie Light, however, decided to get in a tree as well: Keiton Page didn't miss a three and ended up with 15, Matt Pilgrim (WHO?) went 8-8 from the field on his way to 18 points, and Obi Muonelo (ok seriously) poured in 17. Rediculous game to watch, the Pokes didn't miss all night. A ton of points from guys you've never heard of.

Dude you are such a badass. I didn't know they let 12 year olds that look like chipmunks play NCAA hoops.

Jacob Pullen, Bill Walker
Back before he was a star, Pullen was a freshman guard for a KSU team that was pretty much Michael Beasley and a bunch of role players. While Beasley got his in KSU's only win at home against the Jayhawks in the last like 800 years, Pullen and Walker did most of the damage. Pullen poured in 20 points, mostly coming on contested WTF threes. Pretty sure one even banked in (great). This came from a freshman who would shoot 30% from three on the year and average 9 points a game. Walker went off for 22 points which created the perfect storm, as the eventual NATIONAL MF CHAMPION Jayhawks would lose their first game of the year. Not unexpected looking back now, but at the time we were all like WHO THE FUNK is this Pullen kid?

Ali Farokhmanesh
Jerk. Thanks for ruining my life last year. The UNI guard made a few huge threes and scored 16 points for direction Iowa in its stunning upset of national champion to be I thought KU. Farolkjdlkjlkjhsdflkjhlkjhamesh was an average at best guard, scoring 9 points a game, and he looks like the biggest dork in the world. FML.Ncaa_basketball_tournament_first_round_oklahoma_0yb5tb6jphzl_medium
Seriously look at this guy.

Thats all I can think of, short memory. I know I forgot some good ones and some old school ones. So chime in ya'll

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