Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.19.10

Football previews, basketball previews a RCT roundtable and of course tonight we have an open thread for North Texas.  Turn out the lights, get to bed and do it all over tomorrow for Oklahoma State in the morning.  I think I like this Friday/Saturday lineup we've had the last two weeks.

Must Read

Did a concussion contribute to Nathan Stiles death? Family, friends, community ask questions - ESPN
Pretty powerful write up on the Spring Hill tragedy that is now making National headlines in the ever growing dialogue on head injuries. These concussions are scary business, not sure what the answer is.

Kansas Football

Ku-2KU set for Senior Day | CJOnline.com
Some good careers and some real head scratchers in the mix on Saturday when we celebrate the Seniors.

Ku-2Gill's philosophy as easy as 1, 2, 3 | CJOnline.com
Gill really wants a QB. He's got a JUCO visiting this weekend and rumor has it, another one to keep an eye on for December.

Ku-2KU hopes to discover offense | CJOnline.com
Please find it, because without it....we're in trouble.

Ku-2KU football seniors recall fondest memories | KUsports.com
40-37 Kansas over Missouri

Ku-2KU football players wary of risks with Twitter pages | KUsports.com
Players talk social media

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2All about the Big 12: KU's big secret - College Basketball - Rivals.com
The secret is out!!! and other Big 12 News from Jason King. Always good info.

Ku-25 indicted in KU ticket theft | CJOnline.com
And here come the feds.

Ku-2Jayhawks owe previous players for streak | CJOnline.com

Ku-2Brady Morningstar mired in slump | KUsports.com
I'm thinking there really is something to the curse of the sleeves

Big 12

Baron Batch: diary 14 (peaks and valleys)
I'm sure everyone remembers Batch putting the hurt on us at times. Here's his blog and his reflections on the Big 12.

College Basketball

How much do elite freshmen instantly impact college basketball? - Luke Winn - SI.com
Interesting stuff on the impact of freshman.

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