Jayhawk Recruit Round-up: Aug. 28th Weekend

Note:  As I kind of said this past weekend when I "reported" on current Kansas football commit Keeston Terry, I plan to start a "weekly round-up" of all current recruiting commits, targets and prospects.  Here I will try and dig up as much information on each recruit as I can - stats from that week, how their team fared and anything else worthwhile passing along.

Since the weekend of August 28th, has passed, obviously, I'm going to go ahead and post one for last week for two reasons: 1. there were a few current commits that played this past week, and I'm sure there's at least one person here that is interested in how they did; 2) this will serve as a bit of a test run so I can work the kinks out and be ready to go this weekend.

So, now on to the news...


The Stats

(Pictures are somewhat small, as I am trying to find the best way to put tables into SBNation form for a post.  Just click the picture and it will bring it up much larger for you.)





Obviously, it was a light week in high school football.  Only a few states kicked off their seasons this past weekend, but lucky for all of you football junkies out there, most of the nation starts this weekend, so come this Saturday morning / Saturday night / Sunday morning (somewhere in there, after my hangover wears off), I will have lots and lots of stats to share.

In the future, this will be the place for lots of very, very insightful analysis and breakdowns of how these wonderful, hand-picked gems are going to fit into the KU program next year, but as I said above, this is just a test drive... a tease.

(Committed) Performer of the Week:  Well, well, well... Even with a relatively small amount of action, there are more than just a couple guys you could go with here.  Jimmay Mundine had a long touchdown catch and a fumble return for a touchdown;  James Sims had a nice game with a touchdown run, and nearly 75 yards;  Ricki Herod Jr. had two touchdowns in what was a pretty close game, with his North Mesquite team winning, 28-16.  But, it should be pretty obvious who is going to be this weeks CPOTW.  Probably the player that Jayhawk fans are going to be the most excited for, the most hyped player in the class (to this point) and the new man-crush of many - and for good reason.  Keeston Terry scored four touchdowns in Blue Springs' 48-13 rout of Lee's Summit West.  Now, I was told that Keeston was a receiver, but had I not caught some of the game on the radio and seen him play on TV last year, I would have mistaken him for a running back.  But, when you have a player that is just a flat-out playmaker, you get the ball in his hands any way that you can.  I'm excited for Keeston to get to Kansas.

(Prospective) Performer of the Week:  In my mind, this is a step down from the Performer of the Week for committed players, so, Mr. D.J. Jones, this means you need to commit and hop aboard The Mangino Express IMMEDIATELY!!  It's fillin' up quickly and you do not want to lose your spot!!  In all seriousness, I want this guy in the fold ASAP.  I think my project for this week will be to find out as much about D.J. as I can, maybe find a little video action and hopefully flatter him into a commitment by this time next week.  Hey, it could happen.  7 rushes for 76 yards, including touchdown runs of 25 and 46 yards, respectively, is quite impressive, no?

Possible RB depth next year: Toben Opurum - Rell Lewis -D.J. Jones- Daniel Porter - DeShaun Sands - James Sims.  Suddenly, a questionable position of depth becomes one of the roster's stronger areas.

Much, much more to come this following week on all recruits playing this Labor Day weekend. 

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