I'd like to take a second to thank JQ for the great KU baseball coverage he had this spring.  I didn't follow the team emphatically but I will say that I followed some and knew more about the team and season because of his coverage.  So great job and thanks for giving RCT readers a reason to come during the "dead period" of major college athletics.

Unfortunately, the Diamond Hawks are done now.  They had a great season and have something to build on (something I'm sure JQ will get into and I look forward to reading).  Now, though, it's time to start thinking football and start discussing, debating, and argueing about what might be one of the most highly anticipated football seasons in the history of Kansas football.

I really don't have much right now to go on but after hearing Tim Griffin go on ESPN First Take and once again hype Nebraska, I was really pissed.  I know I'm biased, but I don't see how this guy who only covers the Big 12, can really say that Nebraska is "the team to watch" over us.  In the end, I could be wrong, but when you have the experience that our position players have, I don't see how we can't get any love.

I figured to get a post out there and maybe generate some discussion, I'd do one of the simpleist posts but sometimes one of the most fun.  Let's take a look at the schedule for the season, and super early predictions for those games.  Summer bleeds optimism!

Schedule Courtest

Sept. 5 Northern Colorado Lawrence TBA
Sept. 12 Texas-El Paso El Paso, Texas 6:30 pm
Sept. 19 Duke Lawrence 11:00 am
Sept. 26 Southern Mississippi Lawrence TBA
Oct. 10 Iowa State Lawrence
Oct. 17 Colorado Boulder, Colo. TBA
Oct. 24 Oklahoma Lawrence TBA
Oct. 31 Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas TBA
Nov. 7 Kansas State Manhattan, Kan. TBA
Nov. 14 Nebraska Lawrence TBA
Nov. 21 Texas Austin, Texas TBA
Nov. 28 Missouri TBA TBA
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The goal this season is no doubt to be playing December 5th in Texas vs. the South's best.  There can be no other goal for this team and I truely believe they can reach it.

September: Non-Conference

The month of September is packed full of Saturday games against some familiar yet non-power schools.

Northern Colorado: 1-10 last season, this is our classic non-con game to get the ball rolling, get the kinks out and also get some young guys playing time.  Hawks win in a huge blowout.

@ Texas El Paso: UTEP was 5-7 overall last year and 4-4 in Conference USA.  This is a quality school and a road game.  Hawks win this one but there is no guarantees that it's an easy win. 

Duke: Duke went 4-8 last season and 1-7 in the tough ACC.  Duke has improved some as a football school in the past couple of years but they are not to the level of KU.  Easy win.

Southern MIss: This will undoubtedly be our toughest non-con game even if it's at home.  Southern Miss finished 7-6 last season, 4-4 in Conference USA.  This is a program that has been a solid non-BCS team for years now.  They return a QB in Austin Davis, who threw for over 3000 yards and 23 TD's as a freshman.  Also, Southern Miss plays Virginia the week before us.  I don't know much about Virginia next season but Southern Miss will be ready after playing another BCS school.  Jayhawks win @ home but again, could be a battle if we don't take them seriously.

Non-Conference - 4-0

Oct. 10th, Iowa State: After a week off before Big 12 starts, KU opens at home with Iowa State.  Iowa State is starting a new regime and it won't get off to a good start, KU doesn't look past the Cyclones after last years game and wins easily.  5-0

Oct. 17th, @ Colorado:  Wow this is going to be a big game in only the 2nd Big 12 game of the season.  I don't really know much about Colorado except for what I've seen the past few seasons.  This game scares me, though, in Boulder and the thing is, it is a must win!  Some have CU being a sleeper but I'll need to see it to believe it.  KU wins in similar fashion to 2007 in Boulder. 6-0

Oct. 24th, Oklahoma:  If KU is undefeated at this point with the defending National runner up coming to the other Memorial Stadium, it could get wild.  At this point, I can't tell you if we can even sniff the same air as OU.  I do know one thing, the Jayhawk faithful will come in full force and be very hyped.  This is our only home game this year against one of the South powerhouses and it leaves me optimistic that we could pull a major upset.  I expect a nationally televised game with two ranked teams.  I'm going to give OU the edge, but remember, we played OU to one of their lowest point outputs of the season last year in Norman. 6-1

Oct. 31st, @ Texas Tech: Texas Tech is attempting to re-load this season but you know Mike Leech will have another QB ready to run his system and run up the points.  KU owes Tech one after the beat down they put on a reeling KU team last season.  I'm going to go with KU in the most likely upset in this one.  At this point in the season, though, Tech could be undefeated or have already lost 3 games.  7-1

Nov. 7th, @ K-State: The 2nd Bill Snyder era starts now!  I don't really know what to expect from K-State this season but I think it could be rough this season.  KU wins handily, I hope: 8-1

Nov. 14th, Nebraska: Man am I glad this game is @ home this season.  KU still hasn't beaten Nebraska in Lincoln during this resurrection of the program but they have now beaten Nebraska 2 times in a row @ home, 1 more and that is called a winning streak, it has happened before (what movie?).  Anyways, doesn't need to be said, but this is going to be a HUUUUGE game (again, I hope).  Many are picking Nebraska at this point to win the North, some are picking Kansas.  This game could be the decider in who gets their ass waxed in the Big 12 Championship, I would really like for us to be the one getting our asses waxed.....wait what?  KU wins this one in what could be an amazing contest.  Why do I say we win?  Because we are at home and I hate Nebraska!  9-1

9-1 at this point?  Really?  Well damnit I'm probably overly optmistic but whose going to stop our offense really?  Maybe a team that has a great pass-rush?  Definitely possible but this is a June prediction!

Nov. 21st, @ Texas: Here is a loss.  Texas has too much coming back and just too much general talent.  My hope is that we can be in the game in the 4th Quarter but it could be ugly.  9-2

Nov. 28th, Missouri @ Arrowhead: And once again the game against Missouri at Arrowhead could be an enormous one.  There is many mixed feelings about moving this game off campus but one thing we can probably agree on is how much hype it can create for the schools.  This could be a game that puts us into the Big 12 title game and it could be a game for Missouri to spoil our season, much like we half-ass did for them last season.  There is no way that in June I can pick Missouri to beat us so it's an easy call, KU by a close margin (because this game is always good these days). 

Final Regular season record: 10-2

Ku goes 10-2 and plays for the Big 12 Championship.  No way I'm making any predictions for that game at this point but it is probably a rematch of a loss to OU or Texas, don't sleep on OK. St., though, Bill Young could do wonders for that defense.

I'm definitely over-optimistic at this point, just like I was last season.  But I really think this could be another special season.  Just have to keep Todd and Kerry healthy and hope that our defense improves significantly.

What are your thoughts guys?

Record predictions?  Places we could get "upset"?  Hey, let's just talk some football here. 

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