A Look at Big 12 Revenues/Expenses (Long)

A relatively interesting (at least to me) discussion topic across the blogosphere and newspapers over the past couple of days has been the athletic department revenue data released by the US government's Office of Postsecondary Education.  Of course, the more glamorous data is the revenue information but the government's site also provided information on Expenses as well.  Seeing that I'm actually nerdy enough to spend some time sifting through the data, I thought I'd share some of that information with everyone as it pertains to KU and the Big 12.  Here we go.  All data is from the 2007 - 2008 academic year (i.e. Fall 2007/Spring 2008 semesters).

Nice overview here bumped to the front page.  After the jump a listing of revenue and expenses broken down by sport and school. - JQ

Total Revenue from Athletics

Texas $120,288,370
Oklahoma State $88,554,438
Kansas $86,009,257
Oklahoma $77,098,009
Nebraska $75,492,884
Texas A&M $74,781,640
Colorado $52,631,896
Missouri $49,113,786
Kansas State $48,160,113
Baylor $44,151,763
Texas Tech $42,844,855
Iowa State $38,642,013

Total Revenue from Football Only

Texas $72,952,397
Nebraska $49,076,861
Texas A&M $42,552,070
Oklahoma $40,922,446
Colorado $28,755,199
Oklahoma State $23,106,517
Kansas State $21,900,159
Texas Tech $20,213,600
Missouri $19,301,864
Iowa State $17,404,826
Kansas $14,841,115
Baylor $11,053,460

Total Revenue from Men's Basketball Only

Kansas $14,578,095
Texas $12,892,079
Oklahoma State $9,716,296
Texas A&M $9,250,279
Missouri $8,023,598
Texas Tech $7,127,522
Oklahoma $6,369,446
Nebraska $6,318,062
Kansas State $6,188,443
Iowa State $5,982,727
Colorado $3,804,777
Baylor $3,524,789

Total Revenue from Baseball Only

Texas $3,783,768
Texas A&M $2,379,495
Baylor $1,811,500
Nebraska $1,765,924
Oklahoma State $866,835
Kansas $608,002
Texas Tech $424,202
Oklahoma $358,620
Kansas State $247,924
Missouri $111,540

Other Revenue not specific to a Gender or Sport

Kansas $55,264,987
Oklahoma State $50,139,928
Oklahoma $27,311,183
Texas $23,392,307
Missouri $21,010,835
Kansas State $18,346,517
Colorado $18,043,669
Baylor $15,326,913
Nebraska $15,134,993
Texas A&M $14,474,225
Texas Tech $12,117,571
Iowa State $11,040,360

Thoughts on Revenue info:  While it's no surprise to see Texas miles ahead of the rest of the league, it's very satisfying to see KU come in at 3rd in terms of total revenue.  I think this is a clear indication that despite the bickering from some old-timers, Lew's fund raising efforts have been a huge success.  Also, it's a reflection of the unprecedented simultaneous success of KU's "money" sports in the 2007/2008 year.  By way of comparison, KU's total revenue from athletics in the previous year was $65.1 million.  Not bad, but I suspect the Orange Bowl season in football and the national championship in basketball resulted in a significant spike in revenue for the 2007/2008 year.  I'll be curious to see how revenues for this recently completed academic year compare when the data is released next year.  I suspect football revenue was substantially higher in 08/09.   We should rank better than 11th in football revenue next year.

Another thing to point out is the large portion of KU revenue that was not specific to a particular sport.  I don't know for sure but I believe this revenue largely consists of income from merchandise (royalties) and donations not allocated to specific sports.  This may also include the money from Adidas since that revenue is not specific to a single sport.  Without question, KU benefited from an upsurge in merchandise sales due to the success of the football and basketball teams.

Now let's look at Expenses because it's also important to know how much money is being spent on athletics.

Recruiting Expenses Only

University Men's Teams Women's Teams Total
Kansas State $1,167,548 $311,768 $1,479,316
Texas $806,332 $485,520 $1,291,852
Oklahoma $827,970 $380,146 $1,208,116
Iowa State $882,283 $292,145 $1,174,428
Nebraska $755,993 $327,392 $1,083,385
Colorado $776,832 $230,290 $1,007,122
Kansas $660,346 $326,064 $986,410
Texas Tech $643,185 $303,268 $946,453
Texas A&M $625,837 $314,136 $939,973
Baylor $577,217 $291,551 $868,768
Oklahoma State $586,113 $147,689 $733,802
Missouri $437,527 $263,038 $700,565

Interesting to see how our rivals fair here.  KSU spent the most on recruiting while Mizzou spent the least.  Unfortunately, there's no breakdown of the recruiting expenses by sport.

Total Athletic Department Expenses

Texas $100,982,596
Oklahoma $76,945,883
Texas A & M $72,449,292
Nebraska $66,862,007
Kansas $65,707,114
Oklahoma State $59,168,327
Missouri $48,793,770
Colorado $48,368,260
Baylor $44,151,763
Kansas State $40,409,150
Texas Tech $39,247,970
Iowa State $38,642,013

Subtracting KU's expenses from its revenues, KU showed a nice profit of around $20.3 million.  My hope is that profit went (or is going) towards the raises for the coaches and facility improvements.  I suspect that next year we'll see expenses were substantially higher in 2008/2009.  KU's total expenses on athletics in the previous year total $58 million.

Football Only Expenses

Texas $20,049,651
Texas A & M $19,064,170
Oklahoma $18,863,323
Nebraska $18,797,860
Oklahoma State $15,473,818
Colorado $14,142,730
Kansas $13,967,331
Texas Tech $12,716,858
Baylor $11,391,810
Missouri $10,591,618
Kansas State $10,393,954
Iowa State $9,833,299

You can see here that KU barely turned a profit in football in 2007/2008.  Still, it's good to see that KU is not at the bottom of this list and is putting nearly everything it makes in football back into the program.  By way of comparison, KU's football expenses for the 2006/2007 year were $9.87 million.

Men's Basketball Only Expenses

Kansas $9,386,335
Texas $7,663,097
Oklahoma State $6,590,733
Texas A & M $6,412,715
Oklahoma $5,063,968
Kansas State $4,837,418
Texas Tech $4,160,262
Missouri $3,964,859
Nebraska $3,948,386
Iowa State $3,778,669
Colorado $3,755,767
Baylor $3,356,126

KU spent $6.2 million on men's basketball the year before.

Well, that's probably a lot of info to digest so I'll stop here.  The thing to take away from all this as a KU sports fan is that KU athletics is doing well financially.  With college athletics becoming an ever expanding arms race that seems to require constant facility improvements and higher coaching salaries, it's vital that KU position itself financially to improve (or maintain) its competitiveness in the Big 12.  Of course, money doesn't ensure success but it sure helps.

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