Blogpoll Ballot: Week One

If any of you have been around the college blogosphere, I'm sure you've heard of the BlogPoll by now. In football, at least. It was started a few years back by Brian of the Michigan blog, MGoBlog. It quickly became a huge hit, and was picked up midway through this past season by CBSports, who put it side-by-side with the AP and Coaches' polls on their polls page.

Well, CBSports is now doing the same, exact thing with college basetkball. And, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participant, so every Sunday afternoon/night, I will put up my ballot and justify it. You can give me any feedback or opinions or roast me (boom. roasted.) or whatever you feel like, and I can then make changes as a I see fit. Ballots are do Monday morning.

I know this one is late, but I've had a crazy-busy day. In any case, here is my ballot.

Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 Duke
3 North Carolina
4 Pittsburgh
5 Memphis
6 Oklahoma
7 Louisville
8 Michigan St.
10 Missouri
11 West Virginia
12 Clemson
13 Wake Forest
14 Purdue
15 Xavier
16 Villanova
17 Kansas
18 Gonzaga
19 Marquette
20 Butler
21 Arizona St.
22 Washington
23 Syracuse
24 Illinois
25 Brigham Young

Basically, I got the ball combining the two statistical rankings I think are the best: KenPom and Sagarin. For the most part, the procedure was simple enough. I combined the totals for each relevant team, and the lower the number, the higher you were ranked. Of course, this didn't work out perfectly, and there were a couple of human changes I made. For instance, both Duke and Connecticut tied with 3 points (both were first in one and second in the other), but given their records and their respective weeks (Duke getting plastered and going to OT at home, while Connecticut destroyed L'Ville and beat Michigan), I gave the nod to the Huskies. West Virginia, computer-wise, would actually be higher, but I had a hard time putting a 7-loss team in the Top 10.

Usually, these explanation-type posts will be much longer, but I wanted to get it done with and post it this time, so I can move on to bigger and better things.

Fire away with any comments or concerns. I'm sure me ranking Missouri at 10 will draw some ire, but the computers love 'em. Memphis > Oklahoma might get me some disapprovals, too, but I kind of think the Tigers are a better team, anyways. I'm really not all that sold on Boomer Sooner.


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