OGT Roll Call: @ Missouri


The game recap will be a day delayed; I just can't quite recover. What's funny, is that I went in almost expecting a loss, and aren't disappointed that we lost. But, just like the Syracuse L, it is the way we lost, after controlling the game for 39 minutes, that has me heart-broken 24 hours later.

However, in happier news, our OGT was the best ever, despite KC's absence. It set an all-time RCT record, and I'd have to imagine we are somewhere in the tops of SB Nation collegiate basketball OGT numbers; I don't really care enough to do the research, but I'd figure we're up there.

We had 20 people contribute, including a solid 13 in double-figures and, more impressively, 5 people over the century mark.

So, congrats.

Here are the statistics:

Roll Call: 2.1 seconds left, rockchalk, Denverjhawk, danimal8533, hunter s. royal, Warden11, TB, Danny Satan, mpfische, tequilaprophet, KennyGregoryRockThaCradle, giants9107, SlamDunkTheFunk, bt01, wrigleyrocker12, MichiganJayHawk, soccerfreak, labbadabba, ghtd36, KCsince88
Total Users: 20
Total Posts: 1066
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
Denverjhawk 216
rockchalk 191
Warden11 150
hunter s. royal 105
SlamDunkTheFunk 101
Danny Satan 92
TB 45
wrigleyrocker12 37
bt01 31
KennyGregoryRockThaCradle 27
MichiganJayHawk 19
labbadabba 11
danimal8533 10
2.1 seconds left 9
KCsince88 8
ghtd36 5
giants9107 4
soccerfreak 2
mpfische 2
tequilaprophet 1

So, again in the non-moderator division, Warden takes home the MVP honors. Blah, blah, blah. Same old story. And while I really don't feel like scanning the 1000+ comments for the Comment of the Game, I doubt anyone will object me giving it to KGRTC for his Athena Night Club remarks. He had a couple of other Missouri-related funnies, but none topped the Athena references. And for some reason, the fact that it is shut down almost makes it funnier.

Special shoutouts go out to MichiganJayHawk, who made his RCT debut in Thread #2, as well as SlamDunktheFunk and bt01, who both were regular members of their first OGT (particularly the triple-digits SlamDunk put up). Also, thanks go out to TB for stopping by and chatting with us; you know basketball, and that's always appreciated, no matter who you root for.

We'll see you Saturday, for what should be another incredibly exciting, exhilartating game. I doubt I'll be as pumped-and-amped as I was for Monday night, but we'll see. Hopefully it's two-thread territory, because that'd be awesome.

That's all I've got.

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