Labba's weekly thoughts on his favorite defensive coordinator

Well, that was another Saturday well spent.  I spent another rainy afternoon in a bar by myself drinking overpriced beer.

There were some factors that made my experience tolerable.

1) I was dressed as Dwight Schrute and I bore a striking resemblance so the double takes were fun

2) Watching one trick or treater stream into a bar and ask the bartender for candy was interesting.  More than one parent got a quick beer as well.

3) Clint Bowen's defense.  There I said it.


I was following the OGT on my phone so I wasn't really active in commenting but as Denver pointed out, our CB's played a press coverage and confused and befuddled a Tech offense that seemed to be a step behind most of the first half.


This is what I saw (which is basically what I've been predicting)

1) The press took away the underneath routes

2) The press threw off the WR timing enabling our D-Line to dominate with their quickness.

3) We got burned deep once on a broken coverage.

      a) This will happen as there's less safety net

      b) I'd still rather see this than a team continually converting 3rd and 8's on underneath routes.


but, But, BUT!

This all changed in the second half.  I'm thinking that the staff wanted to play close to the line in the first half since they were playing a dual-threat quaterback and wanted to limit the play within 5 yards of the LOS.  But as soon as Potts went back in and the dual-threat was removed our DB's backed off again and we gave back the cushion.  Result?  A long and punishing drive in which they converted some huge 3rd downs.  There was also the series with the fake punt but we eventually came up with a stop.


So there it is.  A side-by-side comparison of two different schemes.  You draw your own conclusions.  The defense really played admirably the entire game.  In the end it was the offenses' mistakes that put the D in an untenable situation and I'm not at all railing on our boys on the defensive side of the ball, it was a pleasure to watch.


I only hope now that Bowen and Co. can revisit the tape and analyze how effective the two different philosophies where when using the same players.


Good job Bowen but also you suck.

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